Welcome 2009


Welcome to 2009!!

I thought I would delve into my horoscope this new year to see the predictions for my Scorpio day…this is it from dailyhoroscopes.com:

There are many challenges this morning but they seem to magically disappear by mid-afternoon. You may have trouble concentrating on other people’s needs. Pay attention to your activities over the next few days and work to create an awareness of balance–work, play, rest, grooming, creative vents, exercise and recreation. For a break in your activities, plan things that are educational or artistic throughout the end of this week. Learn or teach others something technical or creative. Some interesting things that will stir your own imagination are: magazines, books, art shows, opera, hobby, exhibits, etc. You become aware of new concepts and this may create a profound effect on your psyche–when faith in humanity is most beneficial. 

Wow! This sounds great and like it’s the answer my creative soul needed!! Seems as though this year will be getting off to a great start – hope yours is the same!

Happy New Year my friends!!


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