DIY Budget Friendly Valentine Decor Idea

I can’t believe this year is flying past us so quickly and that we are almost ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

If you’re looking for something simple and budget friendly to decorate this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a fast and easy project. All you need are these things and you might even have everything right there in your home already:


I have a DIY video for you here to show you the step by step instructions.

Here’s how it turned out:


The wonderful part of this is that it can be used for each holiday and you can still use the bag for gifts. Just replace the bag with a new one and you’re set. So easy and so so sweet!

If you decide to try this, would you take a photo and tag me on Instagram? I’d LOVE to see what creative things you all can do!! Instagram: @thecozyloftshop

Happy Valentine’s Day My Friends!



Giving It Up

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Christian.  I try to always do the right thing, though sometimes there are limitations that cause me not to be able to do everything I want to do.

While I was doing a quick catch-up on Facebook this evening, a friend had posted about Lent. I sit here typing this to somewhat ashamedly say I’ve never participated in giving up anything for Lent before. Maybe it wouldn’t have meant to me in the past what it means to me this year. I don’t know why it’s never been something I’ve been led to do, but I truly believe your heart has to be in it for it to be a blessing. My heart is definitely in this.

So I typed up this little challenge on a sunset photo I snapped this week from my home. If anyone feels so led to join me, I’d love that! Or, you can observe my baby steps through my first Lent participation.


I’ll post more about it as we go during the 40 days. Here on Day 1, I have this sweater that I’ve chosen to give up:


There’s something so special about doing this that has given me a sense of purpose and deeper meaning than just “donating something” or “cleaning out my closet”. It’s more than that. Neither my closet nor my pantry are overflowing with an abundance of items, so I feel that this is an appropriate experience for my life right now.  I can’t describe it. But it feels much bigger than me, my little house, my little town, my little state, my little world.



How to Make a Burlap Garden Flag

Having made these for several years and getting into the creating of videos has resulted in this “how to” video to cut your own garden flag out of burlap fabric.


It’s a bit tricky but I show you how I do it and give you a few tips along the way in my newest video here: How to Cut a Garden Flag

Please let me know if you find it helpful.



Kodak Verite 55 Printer

Just in case someone’s in the market for a new printer and is in need of one that prints great photos, I was pleasantly surprised at the print quality and speed of the Kodak Verite 55 Printer! It’s the first time I’ve ever chosen a Kodak printer so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Let me say that this is not a sponsored post, it’s just an opinion of a printer I chose while standing in the aisle at Walmart yesterday. It was regularly $79.47 and the price on the shelf was $69.47. When I Googled it from the aisle in order to get the reviews on it, it was on for $59.47. All I had to do was show the cashier my phone of the website price and she adjusted it. I love a great deal and I feel like this is a really great deal!


I have a video with the unboxing, setup and review here, if you’d like to check it out further. I edited it to make it shorter so it won’t take up too much time. I’m super happy with it and thought I’d share it.




Wedding Planner Project

Several weeks ago I started “The Wedding Planner Project” in which I created checklists, calendar pages, budget worksheets, vendor pages, helpful tips and pretty much anything a Bride would need during her planning of the Big Day. Here’s how it turned out:


I’m in love with it!! It is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made for my shop. Maybe because so much time and thought went into it. Not that I usually don’t put a lot of time and thought into things, but this was a lengthy process. Pages were not only prepared for the content but also printed to size, coming up with a disc bound system to make the pages movable and removable easily and then other accessories such as a strong poly pocket and dividers. I can’t contain my excitement!

bridal planner - Microsoft Word (Product Activation Failed) 1302016 92231 PM

There are so many things that go into planning a wedding that the process can get overwhelming. It was my goal to make this a pretty planning system that covered all the bases and allowed the Bride to be ahead of the process and pressure free.

Fullscreen capture 1302016 91858 PM

For the sizing, I wanted these to be large enough that the Bride didn’t have to write teeny tiny but that it was small enough to be able to take everywhere she may go. Having everything at her fingertips is more important than most people know!

Fullscreen capture 1302016 92058 PM

I included extra pages that are blank so that there are areas to write more information if needed or to scrapbook pictures, fabric swatches and more. They are listed in my shop here.

Sometime later on in February, I’ll be sure to do a video featuring this planner. I’m working on getting a good filming location set up along with a few pieces of equipment. Right now, I’m limited on that but have been researching and planning new ideas for that. So many fun things happening!!! :) Life is good!





Cute Bathroom Make-Up Storage Idea

When I bought my house a little over a year ago, I knew I wanted to create a cute way to store my makeup in the bathroom that would also be practical for me on a daily basis. I’ve seen some great ideas but nothing like what I had in mind…so I created something and thought I’d share!

I created a video and uploaded it here if you’d like to see it. Here’s a photo of what it looks like closed:

And open:


I so love my little makeup trunk!  Let me tell you how to create one of your own: I picked up this trunk and I changed the colors on it to match my bathroom. Next, I created a burlap insert for the top part to add some texture. Then, I created a banner with the word “Make-Up”. I also wanted a beauty quote, so I found this one that says, “”Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is.” Then, finally, I decided to add some roses to match the colors and to give it more of a girly touch.

If this inspires you to create one of your own, I’d love to see it. Please let me know. :)



Finding Free Things

Yesterday’s shopping deals gave me such an uplifted spirit that I went back out today! Clearance for Christmas items will soon be over and in fact, it’s completely gone at many stores already, but I’m making the most of it as I can! Today, I shopped Walmart and Dollar General. Let’s start with Walmart first. The video is here if you’d like to check it out and these are the three items at great prices I picked up:


The two candles are American Home candles made by the awesome Yankee Candle Company. I couldn’t find a regular price, but these were marked down to $3.00 on clearance. When I went to price check them, they were actually ringing up at $1.00 each! Yes! The other fragrances were not yet marked down, so it’s only working for the Sparkling Cinnamon Spice candles as of this morning.  Also, the Creative Collection Premium Cardstock (colors are red, green and black) with 24 sheets was only $0.25. Another great deal to be had if you can find them where you are.

Dollar General was an exciting trip, complete with a money maker item. Here’s my mini-haul from there today:


The three Christmas bags at the top were regularly priced $1.00, but were part of the Christmas clearance so I scored those for $0.10 each. The picture doesn’t show all the sparkle in them but you can see that in the video here. The big deal, the super exciting surprise, the awesome steal is the toothbrushes! They are Oral-B Healthy Clean toothbrushes:


These toothbrushes are $1.00 each and the digital coupon from the Dollar General site is for $6.00 off of 4 manual Oral-B toothbrushes. That’s NOT a typo, my friends! You will make $2.00 by purchasing these toothbrushes. It’s one of those times that I’m going to tell you that you will get paid to shop and it’s going to be true! During my shopping trip, I also picked up some correction fluid/white-out that I needed for $1.00 and I also purchased a Glade oil warmer plugin for $1.50. Since I had to make sure my total was in the positive, that was very important. My total ended up being $0.50 before tax so I was pretty excited about that. Close up of the bar code:


But wait…there’s more! Have you heard of Ibotta? There was an Ibotta rebate available for $1.00 on the Glade oil warmer plugin. So, I had added that to my rebates before making the purchase and then scanned the code and uploaded the receipt when I returned home. Within less than an hour, I already had the $1.00 in my Ibotta account. This is madness! Where has this been all my life?? At any rate, this is fueling my excitement in getting this information to you as soon as possible, too!

Ibotta is an app that you must have a smartphone to use. Although you can sign up online, you have to have the phone to scan receipts and barcodes. I like being able to look through the available rebates on the computer and load them to my account. Somehow it’s much easier that way, at least to me. If you decide to try it out, I’ll include my referral link:   If you use the referral link, you’ll receive $10 in your account when you submit your first rebate. I can also tell you this works. I signed up about 2 weeks ago and turned in my first rebate the day after signing up. The $10 bonus was in my account immediately. I’ve earned almost $25 with them already so I’m super excited to have discovered this and am even more excited to share it with you!

If you decide to join Ibotta and/or you were able to get any of the deals I mentioned, would you please let me know? :)