Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation time…and it gets more and more difficult to come up with a unique graduation gift. I’ve worked on some new Christmas ornaments for my shop that I just had to come and blog about…I L-O-V-E painting these!!

I wanted a graduation ornament that a buyer could personalize the school colors, gender, hair color and skin color to fit the graduate to make it an extra special gift…so this is what I came up with:


These are listed in my shop here

So much fun!!!

Rustic Wedding Special Touches

I adore creating new items for rustic weddings! These are wedding charms with the initials, names, wedding dates, etc. (whatever the new couple would like!) and they can adorn serving sets, toasting glasses, candy knobs, and really anything the couple can think of adorning with them!

Here’s how they turned out:


I have them listed in my shop here

Wandering, Flowers and….King Kong?

Just a quick pop in and out today, as I have so much to do and there’s not enough hours in the day!

I’ve created three new miniature (ACEO, 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch) paintings and have them listed on ebay. For some reason, I put one of them on a 3 day auction listing. I guess just to see if anything happened over Easter weekend. But here they are:

King Kong, this is my painted version of the original art on the 1933 French movie poster:


You can see the “King Kong” auction by clicking here.

And here, I did a watercolor painting of pink hydrangeas and a white daisy:


You can see “Flowers for Mom” by clicking here.

And, finally, the one that was definitely the deepest and most meaningful:

Mindless Wandering-001

You can see “Mindless Wandering” by clicking here.

“Mindless Wandering”: may appear a bit gloomy on the surface but we all go through storms and those can have positive outcomes. We all need time to think and process…even slow down a bit. I love this one – it’s just special.

Happy Easter weekend, my friends!



Strawberries & Lettuce in Containers

I started to get out a notebook and write down what I’m doing and thought no way, I’m going to blog it instead!

In my new place, I haven’t done much to the outside yet since as soon I moved in, it turned very cold. For this growing season, I definitely want a few things but I really need to do containers this year just until I get everything else ready for future years of vegetable garden plot(s), fruit trees and bushes, and nut trees! So, let’s start with the strawberry growing…

I used a 12 inch coconut nest hanging basket and some Miracle-Gro garden soil plus 10 everbearing strawberry Quinault plants (roots). For the plants, I put 8 around all the sides, cutting/tearing holes for which the plants could come out and grow. Then, I filled the nest with the soil to cover each root system at least 2 inches. For the final 2 I put in the center top portion on either side and covered them with 2 inches of the soil. I took a watering can (mine is a 1/2 gallon can) and filled it with water then added 1/2 teaspoon of Expert Gardener Plant Food (water soluble). I probably used about 1/2 of the container of water on it. Then I put it on a shepherd’s hook and now we wait.


Just as a note to myself, the directions say to apply the plant food every 2 weeks so I’ll apply that again around April 12th.

in the picture above, the two smaller containers on the ground are the Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce I planted today as well. I used the rest of the plant food water mixture in those as well as the garden soil. There are several sides in each container which I’ll thin when they start coming up.  This winter, i want to overwinter them so I need to remember to plan for that as well.

I’m ready for fresh lettuce and strawberries now! Alas, I must be patient. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.

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Among the Cherry Blossoms

Each month on the 20th, a contest begins for artists from all over the world. This contest is called Nibblefest Art Contest. The rules are pretty simple, It can be any medium and any size. It has to end on the 27th and cannot be started before the 20th. It can be entered as a 7, 5, 3 or 1 day auction, depending upon when you list it. It just has to end on the 27th. You have to start the auction at 99 cents. Yes, this can be a little worrisome, especially if you have spent many hours on the piece, but all rules must be followed in order to be qualified for the contest. The contest is scored by the number of bids (1st, 2nd & 3rd places) and another winner is the one who’s listing sells for the most money. The prize is a digital image award that can be used on your listings, blog, and other social media.

These contests are fun and have a different theme each month. I like the themes that I wouldn’t typically do because that makes for some completely madness! This month is something I find comfortable, though, and is “Flowers”. Without further delay, let me show you what I created for it:


Among Cherry Blossoms

How much fun I had creating him! I wanted to have the flowers be a part of the tree so I decided to go with cherry blossoms. I also plan to create this into a note card for my etsy shop if I can figure out a cost effective way (that looks nice) to print them. Hope to see you at the auction for this contest – even if you don’t like my entry, I’m CERTAIN you’ll find something you love. Just click here to go to my ebay listing and then click on the banner within the listing to see all the entries. There are some extremely talented artists who have entries and I’m honored to be among them.




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