About the Artist


Hello! I’m Rhonda James, the owner and creator of The Cozy Loft. My little cottage shop has been such a blessing to my life since I started it back in 2008!

When I was a little girl, I had Grandparents who owned a gift shop, a mother who owned a bakery and an aunt and uncle who owned a wood crafting business. At an early age (around 10-11 years old), I was told by an art instructor that I had talent with painting. It was there that the seed took root and there was no turning back!

Through the years, I’ve experimented with different products that I dearly love. One dear to my heart is Christmas ornaments. I fell in love painting them at a young age and my creations have even been featured in Liz Claiborne/Macy’s promotions.

In my family, I have always been the planner, the list maker, the reliable one, the one who is there when she says she’s going to be. I’ve had a planner every year since about 1990! You could say that I’d be lost without one…and that would be an understatement! I ❤ my planner and my new love is creating art for planner covers. I hope they inspire you and make you happy, for that is my ultimate goal.

Painting is my true joy and passion and I hope that it shows in my creations. Passion, faith and love are 100% what has led me to where I am today. I’ve been blessed with WONDERFUL support and encouragement in various places in the wonderful USA and beyond with friends and family.

Thank you for visiting my little Cozy Loft! Warm blessings from me to you. 💕