My New Cottage Home

I wish I could be that blogger who is on top of things and posting with regularity, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I may never be that person. It’s sad to me to admit that to you – and to myself, but it’s honest. Before my lapse in entries, I’d been getting quite a few new followers and meeting some awesome fellow bloggers so hopefully I’ve not lost everyone during my unplanned absence.

Life has been very hectic…and scary at times during the past few months but let’s just say that all things that were scary turned out to be ok and that all things hectic have only multiplied. LOL!!

In August, I purchased a new home! For the past month or so, I’ve been working hard on it to get it remodeled and ready for moving into so I thought I’d share some of the process. Here’s my new little cottage:


That photo was actually taken the first day I looked at the house which was back in April. Due to the “scary” health portions of my life between then and now (again, that turned out to be ok), plus some back and forth on decision making, it took several months before I actually put an offer in on the house. My cottage was built in 1959 and is a very strong and lovely house with all sorts of potential…and in need of all sorts of TLC. Being a self-employed, single female…well it was a lengthy decision to make in buying this house because of all the work I knew it needed (and still needs). In the end, I loved it more than I dreaded the work so here we are!

And so it begins…………



Golden Wedding Pretties


A couple of new creations for a dear friend of mine who’s getting married very soon. The item on the left is a large chalkboard in a gold frame they’ll be using for the beer menu they have brewed themselves! The item on the right is a sign their Ring Bearer will have for going down the aisle. Melissa and Bryan – I wish you a lifetime of happiness. HUGE XOXOXOXOXOXOXO’s!!!!

Guitars and Abstracts

I created a new painting for a donation to the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center fundraiser this coming week. Here’s my 12×16 acrylics on gallery wrapped canvas that I titled “Possibility”….


It’s hard to know what might sell best given any audience. Hopefully this one will do well, I know I completely and thoroughly enjoyed creating an abstract painting again. I hope to create more larger abstract pieces when I get moved and have some additional room. For now, a tiny apartment doesn’t lend itself to much storage at all. This should change this year, though, and I’m really excited about that! :)


Come Unto Me, NFAC Entry

The monthly Nibblefest contest ¬†occurs on the 20th and that’s today! I have had my entry ready for a few days now for this month’s theme of “clouds”. I do so love owls and to have one sleeping sweetly on a cloud just spoke to me:

come unto me watermarked

You can see all the contest entries by clicking here. “Votes” are counted by the quantity of unique bidders at the close of all entries, which is one week from today. Best of luck to all who are entering!



Updated to add: This piece sold, thank you so much!

Paying it Forward

Often, I try to pay for someone’s meal in a vehicle behind me in a drive-thru. Most of the time it’s in November and December it seems. It’s awesome, though, I hear of more and more people doing this. Today, to my delight, it happened to me! I was at Chick-Fil-A this morning and a little down because I had a whole lot of driving to do and I’d rather have been in my studio creating. When I pulled up to the window with my money to pay for my meal, the cashier told me the lady in front of me had paid for my meal! So, I paid for the one behind me to receive even more of a blessing from this very generous gesture of the dear lady who’d so anonymously paid for my meal. To my delight as I drove off, I saw the lady behind me pulling out money to pay for the car behind her. I was in tears, I had chills, I felt overwhelmed. So many happy faces left that Chick-Fil-A this morning. Maybe they were having a day like me or maybe they were having a really bad day. At any rate, a bunch of strangers did something completely out of the kindness of their hearts for people whom they will most likely never know.

I may never have a meal paid for again by a stranger in line in front of me…or I may. But, this day, I am truly thankful and grateful to have had that flood of emotion. So many times, it’s the negative stuff we read about or clutter our minds with…but I made it all the way to my destination grinning and happy because of that sweet lady today. And, hours later, it’s still on my mind to share with y’all on here. So one kind gesture can really be more to someone that you can ever know.

Thank you to the dear lady who started the kindness today. I pray you are truly blessed in many ways for your most generous gesture. You absolutely made my day!



Egg Artist


Jester’s at it again it would seem. He’s surprising us with his artistic abilities. Who knew he had them? ¬†“Eggartistic” will be listed in my ebay shop soon and will be an entry in the People’s Art contest. He’s ready! The contest is open later this month but I’ll come back here and let y’all know when it starts. I’m always so nervous entering these….so that’s exactly why I’m making myself do it. :)



Sneak Peek

This year I issued a challenge to myself to enter some art contests in 2014. In no way do I expect to win anything but I want to do it to push myself creatively. Whatever happens will happen. I learned of a contest called “The People’s Art Contest” that is a 2D art contest which much be a painting or drawing (no prints, photography, etc.). The theme is “eggs”, so that immediately made me think of one of my newest series of paintings I’ve been working on as of late…a Russian Blue cat named “Jester”. Jester and eggs…I’m working on it now and hope to finish him up today maybe. I realized I hadn’t shown y’all the other Jester paintings in my series.

This one is the first in the Jester series, and it has sold already. I titled it “Feline Fine Dining”:


The second features Jester lounging on a hammock…”Well Hello There”



The third in the series, Jester’s hungry again and has a taste for a feathered delicacy. I call this one “Incognito” for the tree or post that Jester has assumed for this adventure :)



The top one “Feline Fine Dining” listing has already ended and he went to a collector in New Hampshire. The other two “Well Hello There” and “Incognito” are still up for a few more days in my ebay shop. More to come in the Jester series, too.

I’m nervous somewhat about entering the contest, though. Many of the entries already submitted are AMAZING realism paintings. Mine is obviously going to be humorous…as you can get a really good idea about in the paintings above. I’ll let y’all know when it starts so you can get in on the voting. And, I won’t be asking for votes for myself because that’s not the way I think is right…just for votes for the painting you love whichever that may be. From what I’ve seen so far, you’re going to have an extremely difficult decision with the pieces you’ll be seeing!