Bathroom/Laundry Room

This room. Wow. I fear it’s going to be trouble. There’s something odd about it. Like it was a room that wasn’t originally starting out as the room it is today. The room was wallpapered but the walls were wavy and one of them moved/rippled when touched

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 55959 PM.bmp

The wallpaper would not come off of whatever the panels of this wall were. So this will be a job for my contractor. I want these walls gone and sheet rock up in their place as well as remodel the cabinet. The cabinet just seems crudely built and especially around the water heater. See what I mean?

IMG_6967 IMG_6968 IMG_6969

The water heater placement has the drain behind the lip of the base of the closet, which means that when there’s a problem eventually, that it can’t be drained by attaching a water hose to it. I’d rather deal with it now while all the construction and destruction is happening. In here, I want to have nice walls, paint the vanity, replace the shower door, update the shower head and knobs, replace the toilet, remodel the closet/water heater area, remove the brass, and just do lots of updating in here. Hopefully there’s nothing too scary under these walls…. :)



Bedroom #2

This is the second of two bedrooms in my new house. It actually had plain walls with no wallpaper so it’s a welcome site, too! There appeared to have been a border of some sort running through the middle of the walls at about chair rail level as there was a sticky residue on there. A downy and water mixture took care of that and it’s ready for painting.




In this room, I want to get rid of the brass, paint the walls, ceiling and trim and consider getting rid of the wall heater. This is the last room with a wall heater, too! The carpet in this room is in excellent shape and the best carpet in the house. The closet has updated wire shelving/rods/baskets/shoe rack, too so it’s a room I ended up deciding to use as the Master Bedroom even though it doesn’t have an attached bathroom. However, it does have a bathroom directly next to it so it all works out!



Bonus Room

Finally! A room with very little to do!! This room has vintage knotty pine paneling on the walls and I call it a “bonus room” because I really don’t know what it’s supposed to be. It could be a dining room as there’s a chandelier for lighting. It could be a den for a more cozy space that the large living room. No matter what it’s supposed to be, I love it! I’m sure lots of people would love to cover it up but there’s something special to me about it.




In this room which actually includes a small hallway, I plan to paint the ceiling and attic door and do something with the carpet. There’s a large spot of what I think may be candle wax, some staining and some tears in it so it won’t stay. The chandelier has a muted gold tone to it and I’m not fond of it so I need to think about that as well. Also, there’s a wall heater in this room so I need to remove that one if I remove the others but with the paneling…I’m not sure that’s an easy fix.

I’m thinking with the large patio doors and natural light in this room, I’d like to use this for my home office and maybe a bit of it for some studio work space. The lighting and scenery is too beautiful out of the back to not use this space!



Bathroom Wallpaper Removal

This bathroom has got to be the most weight loss inspiring room I’ve ever seen! With mirrors surrounding the jetted tub, plus over the sink, you can definitely see yourself well! It also had wallpaper and border:

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 60009 PM.bmp


The paper and border was super easy to remove…possibly because it’s on paneling that was installed backwards so the wallpaper (because it was thin) adhered well and didn’t have the grooves from the paneling in it. This leaves me unsure what to do in here though. The mirrors appear to be installed with some sort of adhesive (maybe liquid nails or something similar for mirrors), so if I try to remove them, I’m most certain to damage or destroy them. Originally, I didn’t want them in there but the more I’ve been in the house working, the more I like them. However, what will I do with the walls in here…..

Here’s how it looks with the wallpaper gone:



In here, I plan on doing something with all that brass, painting the ceiling, doing something with the oak cabinetry and figuring out the walls. I love the tile floor in here and it’s in excellent shape, as are the tub and vanity/sink the best I can tell. But those walls. Hmmmmm. Oh well. At least the wallpaper is gone which will give me some time to mull it over as I work my way back to this room eventually. I could drywall it but then I lose the mirrors. No simple solution here, but I’ll move on for now to the next room. :)



Bedroom Wallpaper Removal

The Master Bedroom in my new house is not actually going to be my Master Bedroom…turns out, it’s a little smaller than the one I thought I would be using as my studio. It would be awkward to walk around the bed when doing laundry and such, too. Not to mention that this room is brighter in the morning hours and the other bedroom has a great closet organizing system installed complete with various height shelf/rod units, baskets and shoe rack! YAY for me!!

But, this wallpaper had to go. Here’s what the room looked like before:

IMG_6949 IMG_6950 IMG_6951

The blue flower wallpaper was the devil in a wallpaper. Of all the wallpaper I’ve removed in my life, it was the worst. And the border at the top was the devil in a border. The wallpaper was bad because it only came off in tiny pieces. That layer, no matter what I tried or did, was half-inch removal at a time,


I’m talking tiny sections and many hours of work had already been put in here:


The border had the thickest glue on there that I had to scrape a heavily sprayed section several times to get it all off. It came off in sticky, gooey swipes which got everywhere no matter how careful I was. And my tools were sticky, my step stool was sticky – well you get the idea. It was thick and gooey enough that I stayed nauseated while doing it. There was something very phlegm-like about it. And this room took DAYS to complete.

Special thanks to my dear Mama who helped me in here! Only she knows how bad it truly was and I honestly doubt I’m conveying it to the extent it was!! LOL!!

Thankfully, though, the striped paper wasn’t QUITE as bad…here, one wall is finished!


And, now, it’s ALL GONE!!! HOORAY!!!

IMG_7468 IMG_7741

This room is in pretty good shape. I’m planning on basically just painting and cleaning the carpet in here. Oh and maybe removing that wall heater if I can. :)



Kitchen & Dining Room Surprises

In case you’re wondering, no…all these big changes aren’t happening as quickly as I’m posting them. These were actually completed starting about a month ago but I’m playing catch-up now on my blog.

The Dining Room and Kitchen wallpaper removal turned into something much different. I had noticed the backs of the cabinets had a knotty pine paneling in them. Turns out, to my surprise, was a thin paneling beneath the wallpaper. And then under that was a knotty pine paneling. I had decided to pull off the thin paneling and attempt to either restore the knotty pine paneling OR sand and paint the paneling if it wasn’t savable.

This is what it looked like before I touched it:

IMG_6942 IMG_3533

Behind the wallpaper and thin paneling:


Good-bye wallpaper and thin layer of paneling!


And under the cabinets, I haven’t decided what type of backsplash I want yet but the paneling won’t have to come off here, as the countertop is put in on top of it. BUT I did get the wallpaper off there:


So now all the wallpaper is gone…even in the pantry:



My thoughts in here are that I need to paint the ceiling/trim, repair the broken tiles, paint the pantry, caulk around the window and countertop, try to revive the beauty of the knotty pine cabinets and see what I can do with the walls. I’m concerned that a wall heater hole was back there and I have no paneling that would match but even more, I’m concerned that there are many gouges in the wood from adhesive removal and paneling splinters from the thin paneling where the glue held on. It’s going to be many hours of scraping. Plus the baseboard was put on BEFORE the tile work was done which means the baseboard splintered in half (rigidly) and will have to be chiseled down to floor level. The tiles and cement backerboard were installed perfectly but the baseboard removal has caused about 6 tiles to break plus one in the middle of the threshold is broken as well.

Hmmmm ok well on to the next room for now I think. I’m getting them down to what I know I want gone and then going from there. Perhaps I should just work in one room until it’s completely ready (my sanity would appreciate this stroke of genius thought) but when I get a contractor out there, I need to know what needs to be done that I can’t do…so that’s the reason for my process. Oh and to get moved in as soon as possible. :)

Special thanks to my Daddy who helped me work on the wall removal, too!!! <3



Living Room Wallpaper Removal

My new house had wallpaper in every room, except two. The living room contained two different borders as well as 3 half walls of paper and a full long wall of paper. This is the 3rd home I’ve personally lived in where I had lots of wallpaper to remove. My recommendation for wallpaper removal is pull the wallpaper top layer off (if possible) . Get a spray bottle, one cap of Downy (no other brand works as well) and fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water. Replace the nozzle. Shake. And, now you’re ready to SOAK the wallpaper by spraying it until saturated. Let it work for a few minutes (this varies depending upon glue, prep work the person who put the paper up did to the walls, quality of paper, etc.) and use a scraper to start getting down to business. It’s a slow, grueling, tiresome process but when doing this, the Downy makes your home smell so clean and fresh! Bear in mind, this is my preferred method because it works for me. While I’d prefer not to use any kind of chemical, I simply cannot get any other “green” methods to work. I’d like to say I’m open to suggestions but I hope to never EVER have to remove wallpaper again! LOL! Three houses = more than enough in one lifetime! :)

The living room, before:




I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep that wall heater intact as an emergency backup heat source. I really don’t like it and feel it dates the house but my exhaustion is nearing it’s extreme threshold soooooo it may have to stay for now and dealt with in the future. I’d love to eventually have a fireplace there in that corner, so that’d actually be a perfect time.

Also, originally I’d planned to remove the vertical blinds but I’ve read they are perfect for people with animals. Since I have a beautiful cat I adore, I’ve decided to keep them for her. While I don’t think they are very pretty, the function won out. She’ll love looking out those at night and I’ll love that they fall back into place!

The carpet isn’t in great shape so it, as well as the two carpet pads, will come up, as there’s hardwood under there that I want to see better. Maybe it’s usable?

But for now, back to the wallpaper and the removal of all that….

Here’s how the living room looked during the process:


and after…



So thankful this large room is finished with the wallpaper removal. There are lots of things to do in here still…I’d love to had a ceiling light or fan here with a switch by the door. There’s no ceiling fixture at all now. The floors have to be explored. The walls, ceiling and trim needs painting. Old wall holes need filling. I want to replace the old brass outlet and switch covers with ivory ones…and I want to replace the front door. I don’t want much, do I?? :)