Sweet Lona Surprise

I was so fortunate to have two realtors to work with who were THE BEST I could ever have hoped for during the home buying process. My realtor, Mykie Anderson, is a dear friend of mine who I met back when I lived in Milan, Tennessee. The listing agent for my house was Lona Pierce and she became a wonderful friend during this process and getting my first home in my hometown!

One day, back when I first started working on the house, I was up on a ladder painting the ceiling cut-ins in the master bedroom. There was a knock at the door. I ran over to see who it was and it was the FedEx guy with a package for me. Hmmm I wasn’t expecting anything at this new address but lo and behold, I found out it was a welcome gift from Ms. Lona! I should have taken the time to arrange these a bit better in the box, but look at this delightful gift!! And, by the way, how could I wait when these yummy treats were waiting to be tasted??? It’s a wonder I could think straight!



How delightfully thoughtful and sweet was this unexpected gift?? I felt she and I had a friendship that was quick to develop and I truly believe her to be a wonderful person!! By the way, Shari’s Berries are wonderful! They arrived very fresh and in excellent condition despite the August Tennessee heat!

I know that I will proudly and confidently refer any Lexington referrals to Lona and any Milan referrals to Mykie. It’s wonderful to know good, kind, caring people who truly make a difference in our lives. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home in either of these areas, please contact either of them or let me know and I’ll get you in touch with them. They didn’t ask me to do this and they have no idea I am doing this, so this is a completely unsolicited post.

I won’t leave Mykie out, either, on the thoughtfulness! She gave me a precious gift on the day we closed on my house and I’ll post that later on after I get moved and have a good place for it. :)

I feel truly blessed during this process, that it all worked out the way it was supposed to work out for everyone involved. Even the sweet lady who I purchased my new house from is now a friend of mine on Facebook and is watching the transformation on here, too. We’ve shared messages back and forth about the house and she’s been so incredibly helpful, too! I truly want the best for everyone I ever come in contact with and I mean that with all my heart.



Bathroom/Laundry Room

This house has a bathroom and laundry room in one. I believed this room was a conversion at some point in the past because bathrooms this size and just a laundry area at all is very rare. There are a few other clues too, such as the walls are some sort of plastic and will move if you push it with a finger in spots. I’ll remind you of what the bathroom looked like the day I bought the house:

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 55959 PM.bmp

I started trying to remove the wallpaper and realized it wasn’t coming off. This room was trouble – I just knew it. And, it was…and still is LOL!!

With the walls down, there’s an old tongue and groove wide plank surface underneath. It looks like this room was perhaps a storage area located at the back of the carport. Maybe for garden tools and such? I’m just not sure. But I’m thankful to have the laundry area as well as the second bathroom. Initially, I thought this was a Master Bath since it was attached to a bedroom but alas that bedroom is a bit smaller than the other.

Here’s how it’s looking:




Sooooo I really don’t like the tile in here but I like the grout color (white) even less. Over time, it has gotten sort of a pinkish haze to sections of the grout which was once white. Also, it wasn’t laid under the vanity as you can see in the last picture. For now, I’m going to keep the tile and vanity, though. I think I can work with both since the sink is in such good condition and, really, the tiles are also. Wow – the flooring under the vanity is definitely a 50s floor, isn’t it? :)



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Debris and Debris and More Debris

It’s true. My carport is a collector of debris in the form of paneling, wood, carpet, padding, toilets, paper, sheetrock and so much more. I snapped a photo just in case you don’t believe me…


I came SO CLOSE to getting a move in ready house. It was beautiful and not very old at all. For some reason, it was tied up in a lengthy offer from another buyer which I suppose was due to their financing. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. As busy as I am right now being self-employed and single, the last thing I needed was a house that needed so much work but here I am doing it. Today it’s taking a toll on me. I’m exhausted, but I truly believe I made the right decision and will be very happy here when I finally get moved.

Because I want SOMETHING to show that this house is cared for and to have something special to me there, I made sure to put my Tennessee Vols flag that I created out by the house:


And, ok so I put that there when I first bought the house. I’ve been so busy and sold so many of these that I actually have a black “J” (for my last name) up there now. I’d made it a while back and fortunately have it as my stand-by until I get myself another “T” flag created. Life is more hectic than I could ever say in words. I’ll make it though. Then, I’d like an “Eat, Pray, Love” journey please :)



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Beautiful Original Hardwood

Work continues in the living room with the floors. All the glued pad has been sanded off, as well as the stain and old poly so I can now see what I have to work with…and there are stains that appear to be watermarks in a curved path through the entire room. Here’s what it looks like:


And, here we have a better photo without the tools and a little cleaner:


I’m not sure how well you can see the stains. Since I know where they are, I can see them immediately. It’s not a problem though, I’ll go darker with the floor than I’d planned to get the stains covered nicely. At least I’ve read that works so I guess it’s time to find out! :)



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Living Room Floor

The floor in the living room has an old carpet on it that’s stained and pulled away from the carpet tacks and wrinkled in the center. If it was in better shape, I’d just have it re-stretched but that would be a waste of time and money.


So, I peeked under the carpet and found a typical carpet pad. Then under that was a rubber pad glued down to what appeared to be hardwood flooring. Scraping up most of the rubber pad resulted in this glue/thin rubber pad mess:


What a mess!!! But see what’s under there:


There may be something beautiful lurking about!!!



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