Complicatedly Simple

I’m not going to go into detail with this painting I just finished so that you can interpret it how you see it. If you find some of your own personal meaning and feelings in it, then I have done what I set out to do. That, my friends, is what art is all about.


I’ve listed it here for auction. I was hesitant about listing it but realize that’s why we create things from our hearts. If we keep it to ourselves and don’t share it, that is a disservice to our talents and our crafts. Because it is through art and music where I believe healing begins.




Finding Balance

When you start something new, do you go all in and give it 100% of your focus or do you gradually, sensibly filter it in to what you already have going on? I discovered a long time ago that I’m the all in type of personality, leaving the sensible stuff covered in dust back in my baby crib.

I’ve been working on creating an online art shop in which to sell my pieces that make it easy to conduct transactions and something that’s easy to use – for both me and my customers. I opened a brand new online shop yesterday and will be adding new paintings there as I complete them as well as adding pieces from my other shop to have everything in one place. Organization online is important to me as I’m traveling this new path and is where my focus lies. I’m looking for a balance.

You can see the shop by clicking here (nothing much there, just getting it all started). I did post a new piece there this morning:


This is “Uplifted”, a 5×7 acrylics on Canson, available here in my new shop.

Now, to find that balance. I think it’s different for everyone, as we are all unique. My needs would be vastly different say from those of someone who had children or grandchildren. I’m certain I can’t find the online lifehack for this (I’m speaking from experience). For all of us, though, I think it’s the journey we have to take. More on that as we go. For now, I’m just trying to say that finding that shortcut is something all too familiar. We want things faster than ever and this results in poor health as well as genuine sadness on a level incredibly deep. Taking the time to feel the texture on a floor, a wall or a piece of fabric. Watching the rain, snow, birds, body of water or whatever is outside our windows. Dreaming and never stopping dreaming. Playing and never stopping playing. Being thankful for all that is good and wonderful in our lives. These are things that no one else can do for us. No matter who we surround ourselves with…or how many we surround ourselves with…we still have our own journey. No one controls that but us. 🙂

Rustic and Purple

I was flipping through a magazine and saw a painting, well actually it was a print of a painting unframed for around $100. The bold style caught my attention and reminded me that I had this frame that I’d bought several months ago. I loved its rustic quality but I’d broken the glass that went in it. So, I saved it back for a painting project or a purchase of glass later on. Somehow when I saw that painting that day, I was inspired to dig this frame back out of storage (why is everything always in the bottom, last box??).

When painting “Rustic Purple“, I used darker tones and a warmer purple. To me this has a cool and warm feel that gives a good balance to the piece. Sometimes things just feel “right” and this one certainly feels right at home to me in the frame. Like the frame was chosen for the painting. In the end, though, exactly how it all happened. I know better than to ever, ever purchase a frame and try to paint around the frame. It all just has to have a certain flow to me to work where I’m pleased with the end result.


The rustic quality of both the frame and painting have a unbridled roughness, an untamed wild heart feel to them to me. But I’ll leave that to you to decide. After all, art is very subjective.



Little Girls – Sparkles, Flowers and Butterflies

I realize I’m posting quite a few things these days but I have so many things to talk about it seems! Things are getting super busy so I’m thinking maybe folks are starting early shopping for Christmas this year. So many people have said they plan to and quite a few have said they’re already starting. I absolutely have to start early because being a maker of items that people like to gift, I get super busy in November and December which leaves me with two choices: stop creating things to take care of my own shopping during all that OR (and this is what I try to do) get it done early so I can spend my time helping others finish theirs up! 🙂

This little frame was so so so much fun. I was told the little girl likes pink and purple, so I decided to do a lavender frame with all kinds of flowers and butterflies…plus lots of glitter accents…even her name is glittered! The pictures never show the glitter but here’s how it turned out:


I posted this on my Facebook fan page and have gotten several potential orders off of it already, so it seems to be a popular design. Anytime something I designed becomes something others would like to have, it warms my heart! There’s something about sitting down with a blank surface, having visions in my head about what I’d like it to look like, finish it, then have others actually want it that I absolutely cannot put into words. It’s the most humbling feeling!

I did go ahead and list it in my etsy shop also…you can see it by clicking here

What a wonderful life I live, though it took a whole lot to get where I am…and I still have a far way to go 🙂



Stand Out

I’m fascinated with black. It’s been my favorite color since I was old enough to grow out of my “little girls like pink” stage of life. Maybe because my hair is naturally the blackest black…I’m just not sure my fascination. For whatever reason, however, it remains a color I’m drawn to and intrigued by. It’s mysterious, dark and ominous.

In my newest work, I wanted to accentuate on the heavy use of black and white, yet punch it with a splash of color. This one is similar to the splash of color  in my recent “Intent” piece (see my post this week). I chose the dutch iris because it’s a beautiful flower first of all but the meaning of an iris is “faith, hope and wisdom”…can’t we all use more of those things in our lives?

This painting will be listed in my etsy shop in a couple of days, so this is a preview only 🙂

Enjoy! xox

Owls and Fun!

My new owl shop is going just great! It seems there are lots of us owl lovers out there and I’m seriously, seriously having so much fun with them! You wouldn’t believe all the notes I’ve taken (both written and in my head!!) about things I want to do and want to figure out how to do…

I have just listed another owl painting, for the purple lovers out there:


Just yesterday I finished a couple other fun fellas. This one is a fun scrabble tile pendant:


and an ACEO painting “Bloom” with the words “Bloom Where You Are Planted”:


Oh the bliss of it all! I’m honestly giddy with excitement and can barely do anything else except think, dream, and live owls these days!! So much fun!