Red White & Black

Have you noticed how drab the house looks when all the Christmas decorations come down? It’s sad to me to see all the pretty red and green things long gone. While my decor has some color to it and isn’t drab, I think it’s those pops of color that really keep the winter season from becoming drab.

For this very reason, I’ve expanded my Valentine’s Day decor to add some beautiful red and white…and even a little black…to my home. I created a Valentine’s Day initial flag a few years ago and am always so excited to pull it out. They are available in my etsy shop here  if this is something you might like to add to your holiday decorations.


Then, I made a wreath for the carport door using white mesh, different ribbons, pipe cleaners and a heart wire wreath form.


These things make me so happy and I think the touch of black is unexpected yet it adds some unexpected boldness to the pieces. What do you think? Let me know if you try it out! 🙂


Sophisticated Play

I have had a chance to try out a few of the goodies from my ELF make-up haul last week. Today, I put the nail polish on my fingers and toes in “Blush”, which is more of a light copper or bronze than my immediate thought of blush being pink. For today, I just put on one coat to give it a test run. I really like it though:


He classified this particular polish in a cute way, I thought. He said it was “sophisticated yet playful” which I thought was adorable!

It’s been a really long time since I painted my finger nails. With my new job, I’ve been trying to be more polished. So, in case you were wondering why the sudden surge of make-up, skincare and beauty posts, that’s why. 😀

It just goes to show you that I really write about what’s going on in our lives. You get it all – I do so hope you enjoy it and that most of all you benefit from it in some way.

Hope your week is going great!

Truly Inspirational

Just last week I mentioned getting my google reader full of the blogs I frequent. I absolutely LOVE this feature and highly recommend it to cut so much time off your day if you are physically going to each site. This allows me to see things sooner and easy – I am so diggin’ me some google reader!!

That brings me to my reason for this most wonderful post. One of the most inspirational sites I have discovered has to be one from a lady named Analise. Now, I don’t know her, but I feel like I do. She seems like such a sweet and wonderful lady. Click here to see her blog. Just looking at her pictures makes me so excited and inspired to create pretty things.

Here’s a little sampling of those things that just inspire me to no end:

All of these pretties and sooooo many more things that you will just swoon over are located in her shop leesiebella on etsy.