Engagement Gift

I’ve created a new ornament all about the proposal! For this one, I wanted to show the man on one knee holding out a beautiful engagement ring and the woman delighted with the scene in front of her. I hope I captured this most happiest occasion:


I so love my job and creating precious ornaments that are sure to be treasured for life. It makes people happy, so what more could I possibly want? ❤

These are available in my shop here. I thought they’d make a sweet gift for a precious friend or relative who just got engaged or even a treasure for their bridal shower.




Wedding Planner Project

Several weeks ago I started “The Wedding Planner Project” in which I created checklists, calendar pages, budget worksheets, vendor pages, helpful tips and pretty much anything a Bride would need during her planning of the Big Day. Here’s how it turned out:


I’m in love with it!! It is one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever made for my shop. Maybe because so much time and thought went into it. Not that I usually don’t put a lot of time and thought into things, but this was a lengthy process. Pages were not only prepared for the content but also printed to size, coming up with a disc bound system to make the pages movable and removable easily and then other accessories such as a strong poly pocket and dividers. I can’t contain my excitement!

bridal planner - Microsoft Word (Product Activation Failed) 1302016 92231 PM

There are so many things that go into planning a wedding that the process can get overwhelming. It was my goal to make this a pretty planning system that covered all the bases and allowed the Bride to be ahead of the process and pressure free.

Fullscreen capture 1302016 91858 PM

For the sizing, I wanted these to be large enough that the Bride didn’t have to write teeny tiny but that it was small enough to be able to take everywhere she may go. Having everything at her fingertips is more important than most people know!

Fullscreen capture 1302016 92058 PM

I included extra pages that are blank so that there are areas to write more information if needed or to scrapbook pictures, fabric swatches and more. They are listed in my shop here.

Sometime later on in February, I’ll be sure to do a video featuring this planner. I’m working on getting a good filming location set up along with a few pieces of equipment. Right now, I’m limited on that but have been researching and planning new ideas for that. So many fun things happening!!! 🙂 Life is good!





New Year, New Ideas

Happy 2016 my friends! Last night, I was revamping the look of my blog for something a little more simple and was astonished to see that I’ve had this blog since 2008. I really want to give more time and attention to it and this year seems the perfect time to do that!


Tennessee Titans Family, Boys as football players, girls as cheerleaders, custom hair colors and styles, custom shirt numbers

Every December, I get so many Christmas ornament orders and I love creating them like nothing else in this world. I love having an idea and seeing it come to life. I love the excitement I have when I’m happy with how something turned out. I have a passion for it like nothing else I’ve ever done.


Sisters/Best Friends Ornament, custom hair colors, hair styles, clothing

Looking back, I can’t remember really when I started painting ornaments. I know my first paintings came around 5 years of age, but ornaments. I sure wish I could remember. Suffice to say, it’s been that long ago! Around 15 years ago, I was asked to create ornaments for a Liz Claiborne/Macy’s promotion including setting up in Macy’s for customers to watch me work. What an experience!


High School Cheerleader Ornament, custom hair style/color, custom team colors, custom logo (the one requested in this one was a lower case “e”)

This year was the busiest season I’ve ever had. I added a good number of new designs in my shop and was asked to create quite a few I’d never thought of and things went crazy from there. Those are just a few of the photos you’re seeing in this post.


Nurse Ornament, custom clothes (scrubs – any color or retro dress/cap), hair color, hair style, name, title (LPN, RN, CPN, etc.)

It’s been an eye opening experience like no other and it’s made me rethink my entire shop direction. For 2016, once the wedding items have sold that I currently have here, I won’t be renewing them or creating more. I’m still undecided on whether or not to continue the flags. I enjoy creating some of those, so I may end up moving them to another shop if I keep any. For this year, though, I truly want to concentrate on ornaments.


Realtor ornament, custom colors, sign, name, hair color/style, male/female

I’ve always felt like my shop needed to have one item to truly focus on, but that is extremely difficult when you enjoy so many different things. Every year, though, I say “I wish I could create ornaments year round!” and I truly mean that. This past year, ornaments sold year round here and there.  The truth lies in that there are always special occasions and special moments that an ornament would be perfect for! They are great gifts, especially when they’re personalized! From the realtor who helped us (beyond all comprehension) to get our dream home to the sweet little couple who just got engaged or married, these are treasured for a lifetime.


Snow Couple, Year and Initials in heart (upon request), Eyelashes added to female snow lady upon request

So, my friends, happy 2016 to you and yours! I hope that this will be a wonderful year like no others…full of blessings, joy, peace and all kinds of wonderful things. Thank you for being here with me through this journey!


Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation time…and it gets more and more difficult to come up with a unique graduation gift. I’ve worked on some new Christmas ornaments for my shop that I just had to come and blog about…I L-O-V-E painting these!!

I wanted a graduation ornament that a buyer could personalize the school colors, gender, hair color and skin color to fit the graduate to make it an extra special gift…so this is what I came up with:


These are listed in my shop here

So much fun!!!

Rustic Wedding Special Touches

I adore creating new items for rustic weddings! These are wedding charms with the initials, names, wedding dates, etc. (whatever the new couple would like!) and they can adorn serving sets, toasting glasses, candy knobs, and really anything the couple can think of adorning with them!

Here’s how they turned out:


I have them listed in my shop here

Owls + Love = Happiness

I can’t ever leave owls untouched for too long. If I had my way about it, they’d be near 100% of what I create. Here’s a sweet wedding or couple painting I did just for The Owl Barn: 



I put the painting in a frame of pearls and rhinestones. What could be better? They make me giddy. Positively giddy. 🙂 



Beautician Love


Beautician Love

A sweet customer asked me to create a Christmas ornament for her hairdresser. She wanted it pink with sparkles. I have these listed in my shop here if you want to see another color of this style.

How could I resist completely crushing over this?? I absolutely adored creating it and I don’t think I stopped smiling during the entire process. Love, love, love doing things like this. If there was a need for ornaments 365 days of the year, I’d have a complete ornament shop. They always have been one of my favorite things in the world to paint. 🙂