Owls + Love = Happiness

I can’t ever leave owls untouched for too long. If I had my way about it, they’d be near 100% of what I create. Here’s a sweet wedding or couple painting I did just for The Owl Barn: 



I put the painting in a frame of pearls and rhinestones. What could be better? They make me giddy. Positively giddy. 🙂 




Corsages and Memories

My Mama is incredibly talented and I suppose I developed my love of the arts from her. And, she developed it from my Grandparents (her parents). Granddaddy was a wood worker and could create some of the most gorgeous works of art from wood as well as plaster! Grandmother was a painter and could paint some of the most realistic things but most especially I remember her painted cotton bolls! As a little girl, I would watch both of them work and run their store called “Franklin Gift Shop”. Every child who came in with their parents were given a duck that they had made. They have both left this world and gone to their Heavenly Home now but they sure made a difference in many lives while they were here. They forever will be in my heart.

I got sidetracked a little with my memories, but back to Mama. She’s such a crafty and creative person. She owned a bakery for many years, which was her dream job. As life would have it, though, she had two heart attacks and some other health problems which led her to have to sell her bakery and no longer work at a typical job as the second heart attack occurred when she tried to go back and work and it was just too much for her. People still talk about her bakery and still ask her to make cakes for her and she happily does it when she can.

She and I worked on a little project together. She happened to think that maybe I could have a burlap wedding corsage in my shop and that it would fit in nicely with the rest of my wares. Of course it would! What an excellent idea!! She and I worked on it and created this little cutie:


I have them in my shop here – I think it turned out really pretty. It has a simple, rustic elegance that makes me remember the past and think toward the future. It just feels perfect to me. 🙂