Engagement Gift

I’ve created a new ornament all about the proposal! For this one, I wanted to show the man on one knee holding out a beautiful engagement ring and the woman delighted with the scene in front of her. I hope I captured this most happiest occasion:


I so love my job and creating precious ornaments that are sure to be treasured for life. It makes people happy, so what more could I possibly want? ❤

These are available in my shop here. I thought they’d make a sweet gift for a precious friend or relative who just got engaged or even a treasure for their bridal shower.




Graduation Gifts

It’s graduation time…and it gets more and more difficult to come up with a unique graduation gift. I’ve worked on some new Christmas ornaments for my shop that I just had to come and blog about…I L-O-V-E painting these!!

I wanted a graduation ornament that a buyer could personalize the school colors, gender, hair color and skin color to fit the graduate to make it an extra special gift…so this is what I came up with:


These are listed in my shop here

So much fun!!!

Beautician Love

Beautician Love

A sweet customer asked me to create a Christmas ornament for her hairdresser. She wanted it pink with sparkles. I have these listed in my shop here if you want to see another color of this style.

How could I resist completely crushing over this?? I absolutely adored creating it and I don’t think I stopped smiling during the entire process. Love, love, love doing things like this. If there was a need for ornaments 365 days of the year, I’d have a complete ornament shop. They always have been one of my favorite things in the world to paint. 🙂


Bridal Keepsake Ornament Gifts

Things are so hectic that I’ve created some things and neglected to even list them in my shop yet. That’s truly when you know you’re probably doing too much lol!

A long while ago, I created mother of the bride ornaments and had also made some bridesmaid, matron/maid of honor, as well as father of the bride ornaments. Finally, I have them all in my shop!!

Here’s the Mother of the Bride listing and the photo:Image

Here’s the Bridesmaid/Matron/Maid of Honor listing and photo:Image

Here’s the Father of the Bride listing and photo:


Soooo much fun to create these and personalize them, knowing they’ll be treasured. I can’t say enough how special that is to me!



Personalized Christmas Stocking Stuffers!

When I found this wooden frame Christmas tree ornament, I knew I had to make it into a Vols design! For the inside, I did a painting of a “T” and then the outside, I painted a bright orange with white details, trimmed in blacks and shades of gray. Plus it can be personalized. And, then, I finished it off with an orange iridescent bow. What a great stocking stuffer for a Vols fan, I thought!

Here’s how it turned out:


I have these listed here in my shop. Also, I can create these in any type of team and colors needed. I so love custom requests! 🙂



Penguin Love!

I suppose it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, as long as I’m creating. Painting in particular has always been a passion of mine, so anytime I can create something – anything – I’m on top of the world!

This little penguin couple has it all….humor, love, fantasy, and happiness…all on a Christmas ornament! I wanted to create a Christmas ornament for a couple. Maybe to commemorate a first Christmas, a special anniversary, or for a new couple in general. I thought of penguins and how cute those little guys are so I used them as the feature in this painting.

Here’s the finished piece:


The really wonderful thing is I’ve already sold one, so it would seem someone else thought these little fellas were pretty special also. And, that absolutely makes it all worth it. 🙂 She asked for personalization on the back of “Our First Married Christmas” and the date of their wedding. How special it is to me to be a part of a keepsake for such a wonderful time in someone’s life. Did I mention that I LOVE what I do?? Cause I do and it makes me feel as though I’m doing something right in life!

I have them listed here in my etsy shop if you’d like to check them out. They make me smile every time I look at them!



Wedding Christmas Ornament Engaged Gift

Getting engaged is such a beautiful and special time in our lives that we always want to remember! No matter how it happened, it will never be forgotten and will always be a treasured memory.


I created this ornament as a design for a customer but loved it so much, I decided to offer these to other newly engaged couples! It features a large diamond ring with the words “We’re Engaged” above it and the date of their engagement below it. On the back is the engaged couples names! This one, I painted in black and white with silver accents, but these can be painted in any color combination you might like!

I have these listed in my etsy shop. Here’s the link to go check it out:


What a great gift for the new couple to give themselves…or as a gift for them!! It’s sure to be an heirloom!! 🙂