Hand Painted Miniature/Dollhouse Signs

Happy 2017! I hope your year is off to a WONDERFUL start and if not, I hope it turns that direction as soon as possible!

I have a great deal of success with my Christmas ornaments and have been working to find something to create the rest of the year. While the ornaments sell year round, there are times when it’s a full time job (more than a full time job if I’m being real about that) but there are many times where it’s just too too quiet.

This year, I plan on trying several things that interest me. For a long time (and you remember this if you’ve followed my blog a while), I have had interest in Shabby Chic decor as well as miniatures. This sort of inspired me to create a few new items:




And then, I wanted to do a little rustic one…you know for log cabin enthusiasts like myself 🙂


Click any of the photos to go directly to the listing on ebay if you’re interested in seeing more about them.

And, most of all, thanks for sticking with me through all my changes and through feeling my way around. Eventually, just maybe I’ll have it all together with a direction and a purpose. Somehow, it feels closer than it ever has 🙂




Owls and Elephants? Oh my!

It’s been a while since I’ve painted some fun ACEO miniatures. They are so enjoyable and a great stress reliever…why don’t I do these more often? I finished these up this week and have them both listed on eBay up for auction as we speak so I wanted to be sure to share them here, too.

The first one I did features an owl. To me, he (or she) is deep in thought, almost mesmerized by the moon in front of him (or her) with the picturesque view. How much closer can one get? For the colors in the sky, I wanted them to be a bit complex and not too simple. Blends of ivory, yellow, purple and blue were used to create a mood. I call it “Deep Thoughts” and it’s listed here.


For the second one, I’ve been fascinated by elephants lately and wanted to create an elephant couple. Actually while I was looking at stamps, I found one with the elephants having their trunks together in a heart. How precious! While this is all hand painted and tiny with no stamp used at all, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I used black for the ground as if in silhouette and the sky gray and overcast to allow the elephants and their love to shine through. After that, I thought it could use a little something extra so I added some white and black paint splatters…always a fun addition to any piece! It’s listed here.


I hope your weekend is starting off to be a wonderful one, my friends!



Country Living = Country Paintings

Living out in the country…there’s nothing like it! The air is clean, you know everyone around and you live at a slower pace. This is perfect for an artist. Or…scratch that…it’s perfect for this artist. I love looking out the window and seeing farmland and cow pastures, horses and barns, or the big, bright country sky with no lights or wires or buildings or pollution blocking the view of so many stars that a planetarium would whimper away in shame. The smell of a fresh rain on the freshly plowed dirt in the fields, the snow on the fence posts, and the cockle-doodle-do of the rooster. Which leads me to the inspiration of this next painting I wanted to show y’all. 

Here’s “Standing Proud”, a fun ACEO miniature painting (2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches in size):


I decided to auction him over on ebay. You can see him for a limited time here. All of my artwork is so personal to me, but none more so than my paintings. I so hope it finds a good home. 🙂 



Following the Leader

2014 has found me wanting  needing to be more organized. So at the end of each day, I quickly tidy up and get things organized so I can start tomorrow off with a fresh and ready mind. It seems to be working nicely. Each day I wake up with more excitement and readiness so I suppose this is working! 🙂 

Another 2014 goal is dealing with my procrastinating. I tend to do that more than I ever realized. Not on really important things, just on the mundane things that would in essence give me more time for the important things. That is working nicely so far too in that I’m keeping up with my bookkeeping as I go. All receipts are entered and….yes….filed! My mind and life feel so uncluttered!

With an uncluttered mind, it has been freed up to do some deep, spiritual things. I find I pray more, learn more, give more. A few nights ago, I’d finished my daily Bible reading and was thinking about faith. Some words popped into my head and the more I recited them over and over to myself, the more I felt the world needed to hear them too. So I posted them on my personal Facebook account. Lo and behold, it’s been one of my most popular posts ever. But, I didn’t stop there. I created an ACEO card with my own personal quote and paintings…somewhat a collage of sorts. Here’s how it turned out: 


I listed it in my sister shop “The Cozy Log Home” here – I’m so very happy with how it turned out and I feel blessed even more every time I see it! 🙂