Complicatedly Simple

I’m not going to go into detail with this painting I just finished so that you can interpret it how you see it. If you find some of your own personal meaning and feelings in it, then I have done what I set out to do. That, my friends, is what art is all about.


I’ve listed it here for auction. I was hesitant about listing it but realize that’s why we create things from our hearts. If we keep it to ourselves and don’t share it, that is a disservice to our talents and our crafts. Because it is through art and music where I believe healing begins.




Pet Memorial Frame

A wonderful lady asked me to create a frame for her beloved kitty cat who passed away back in 2011 named Sugarbaby. I finished it up this afternoon:



I am so very honored to create something so special and thought maybe others may need something similar. After all, our pets are dear to our hearts and quite honestly, special members of our family. I know I love my kitty cat Mietta more than words can say! 

I have these listed in my etsy shop – you can see it by clicking – here 

Hope you’re weekend is going wonderfully!