Engagement Gift

I’ve created a new ornament all about the proposal! For this one, I wanted to show the man on one knee holding out a beautiful engagement ring and the woman delighted with the scene in front of her. I hope I captured this most happiest occasion:


I so love my job and creating precious ornaments that are sure to be treasured for life. It makes people happy, so what more could I possibly want? ❤

These are available in my shop here. I thought they’d make a sweet gift for a precious friend or relative who just got engaged or even a treasure for their bridal shower.




Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Gift

One of my most favorite things to paint is Christmas ornaments. Oh how I delight in creating them and have often wished  for this to be something I could do year round instead of just seasonally. Lately I’ve been thinking that just maybe this is possible.

I’ve sold Christmas ornaments in my etsy shop called The Cozy Loft since I opened it in 2008. This has been something that seems to come easily to me and I’ve been able to paint anything people have asked me to paint on them. It’s a gift from God that I have this ability and am 100% sure this is not something I am doing on my own.

This was ordered from a sweet Bride as a gift for her mother and I had the pleasure of creating it by using photos from her of the dresses and of the ladies:


I apologize for the flash but it was a cloudy morning and I needed to get it in the mail so  this is the best I could do. Still, I love it and wanted to share it with you. These are listed here and are available as Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom gifts. They are personalized with dress styles, hair colors, hair styles, hair length, bridal bouquet colors and whatever you’d like the back to say.

Inside my shop, there’s an ornament section where you’ll find couples, pets, Father of the Bride or Father of the Groom ornaments and much more.

I can see these kinds of things being gifted all year, not just at Christmas time. Christmas ornaments are ideal to gift as they are sure to be a forever keepsake and treasured…plus they will be displayed every year at Christmas. I just can’t think of a better, more special gift.




Bridal Keepsake Ornament Gifts

Things are so hectic that I’ve created some things and neglected to even list them in my shop yet. That’s truly when you know you’re probably doing too much lol!

A long while ago, I created mother of the bride ornaments and had also made some bridesmaid, matron/maid of honor, as well as father of the bride ornaments. Finally, I have them all in my shop!!

Here’s the Mother of the Bride listing and the photo:Image

Here’s the Bridesmaid/Matron/Maid of Honor listing and photo:Image

Here’s the Father of the Bride listing and photo:


Soooo much fun to create these and personalize them, knowing they’ll be treasured. I can’t say enough how special that is to me!



Special Moments In Life

During the Christmas season, I was painting so many commissioned Christmas ornaments that I had to be extremely organized just to keep up! The orders keep coming in for them so I’m happy to oblige. 

I suppose the way I see special personalized items is that they aren’t just a decoration, just another ornament on the tree…they mean something wonderful…and they are keepsakes to remind us of wonderful moments in our lives. They end up going from generation to generation, which is absolutely the most humbling part of what I do, and why I truly treasure it!

This is one I recently finished for a newly engaged couple who wanted an ornament to celebrate their engagement. It was so much fun to create that I decided to offer them in my etsy shop, too!

Here’s the finished ornament: 



You can see the listing by clicking here. You know what? I just cannot imagine anything that fills my soul with happiness than doing something special for someone! 🙂