From Tears to Disco Penguins

Today has been a really heavy day. It’s a necessary evil when your family starts talking about wills or death, though I know it’s better to be prepared than not. Still, it makes for a reality check including thoughts of our own mortality or a life without those we hold dear. To be honest, I cannot stop the tears from streaming down my face as I type this. It’s so heavy on my heart.

So that led me to create some silly art. When life gets difficult, sometimes I come out with some darker art pieces and sometimes I need lighthearted silliness. Today was one of those lighthearted silliness kinds of days! Enter “Disco Penguins”:


They are listed for auction here on ebay.

Remember not to take yourself so seriously. Dance like no one’s watching…always!! 🙂




Hello World!

When you start a new blog with wordpress, the draft that it automatically posts is one that’s titled “Hello World”. That was the idea behind this painting. An owl in a city – perhaps on a rooftop of a tall building, full moon overhead…wings spread wide feeling the breeze and moon beams. Oh what a night!


“hello world” 2.5×3.5 acrylics on Canson. I listed this on ebay here


Owls need clothes sometimes, too. There’s a formal event coming up and Stella needs to create a beautiful evening gown. Since her wing span is larger than most, she needed a dress form. Her tape measure is around her neck, her glasses are on for seeing the tiny threads and she’s ready to sew the day away. I’m certain she has some Classic Rock going because she looks like that’s her type of style.


“preparation” 2.5×3.5 inches, acrylics on Canson, available here


Often, I have dreams about paintings. In the middle of the night, I’m rough sketching the vision before I give back in to sweet slumber and lose the fleeting moment. Sometimes, the dream wasn’t as wonderful as I had thought in my sleepy state after I’ve viewed it and considered it fully awake. I guess they sort of end up on the cutting room floor so to speak. Sometimes, though, they don’t disappoint. This painting idea came to me in a dream. An owl under an umbrella in the rain. I gave it more thought when awake and decided to do this with a leaf umbrella…and I did see this framed in my dream with a soft white matting and a black frame where the black frame was barely visible.


“let the rain wash away yesterday” 4×6 framed and matted, acrylics on Canson (total size including frame is 6×8) and is currently listed here

Sneak Peek

This year I issued a challenge to myself to enter some art contests in 2014. In no way do I expect to win anything but I want to do it to push myself creatively. Whatever happens will happen. I learned of a contest called “The People’s Art Contest” that is a 2D art contest which much be a painting or drawing (no prints, photography, etc.). The theme is “eggs”, so that immediately made me think of one of my newest series of paintings I’ve been working on as of late…a Russian Blue cat named “Jester”. Jester and eggs…I’m working on it now and hope to finish him up today maybe. I realized I hadn’t shown y’all the other Jester paintings in my series.

This one is the first in the Jester series, and it has sold already. I titled it “Feline Fine Dining”:


The second features Jester lounging on a hammock…”Well Hello There”



The third in the series, Jester’s hungry again and has a taste for a feathered delicacy. I call this one “Incognito” for the tree or post that Jester has assumed for this adventure 🙂



The top one “Feline Fine Dining” listing has already ended and he went to a collector in New Hampshire. The other two “Well Hello There” and “Incognito” are still up for a few more days in my ebay shop. More to come in the Jester series, too.

I’m nervous somewhat about entering the contest, though. Many of the entries already submitted are AMAZING realism paintings. Mine is obviously going to be humorous…as you can get a really good idea about in the paintings above. I’ll let y’all know when it starts so you can get in on the voting. And, I won’t be asking for votes for myself because that’s not the way I think is right…just for votes for the painting you love whichever that may be. From what I’ve seen so far, you’re going to have an extremely difficult decision with the pieces you’ll be seeing!