Inktober Days 2-5

Inktober continues and I’m enjoying it SO much! I thought I’d do just a handful of posts this month rather than one post each day. Since these are really done on breaks I have between other paintings that are commissioned or new pieces I’ve already had in mind, these are extras. I’m having so much fun doing them though! Let’s see if it shows…

Day 2’s prompt word was “tranquil” so I thought of meditation because that’s something I’ve been working on during my daily Bible study. This painting was a night painting and I didn’t feel the original watercolors I did really justified the mood so I added acrylic paints. This made my ink almost completely lost. I did go back over my ink so it would show up a little better in some spots and indications. This one is called “Revive. It’s listed for sale here and here’s how it turned out:


For Day 3, the prompt word was “roasted” so I wanted to do a funny painting with a peanut. LOL! I call this one “How Peanut Oil is Really Made” and it’s listed here. How much fun is this guy:


Then came Day 4 which had the word “spell”. The best spell of all (in my opinion) is a love spell of course! Love potion number 9 is here front and center in an apothecary bottle. I love it and called it “The Ultimate Spell”! It’s listed here and here’s how it turned out:


And then today’s word for Day 5 is “chicken”. Oh the joy! This was my take on that word and man, was I giggling while working on this guy! I call him “Block Party President” and left that grill closed so you can use your imagination as to what his specialty is. He’s listed here and here’s the finished piece:


Be sure to keep an eye out for a new giveaway that will start tomorrow. I’m excited about that too! How is that one song goes – you can’t ever have too much fun, right? Am I right or am I right? 😀




Giveaway Winner + Fun Week


The giveaway for the 3 hand painted ornaments I mentioned wrapped up last night with the winner being Regina Pruett. Congratulations Regina!

This week was fair week here in town and I have to say, I really painted the town so to speak with it this year. I went a total of 3 nights and stayed almost until it closed down last night. With so much fair food, I’m quite sure I won’t come down from this sugar high for a week or so. And, yes, there is an unopened bag of cotton candy on my kitchen counter but I’m sharing that with my family…I promise.


For several years, I didn’t go to the fair at all. I lived in another town and didn’t come back here for it even though it really wasn’t that far away. When I moved back here to my hometown and started going again, I’d forgotten how much fun it was! Since I’ve been back, I’ve not ridden anything but if someone were willing to ride with me, I would just have to do it. Let’s just say there wouldn’t be a need of any arm twisting.

A couple nights, I went with two of my cousins and we had SO much fun. We laughed until we almost cried so many times. It’s always refreshing to be around happy, positive people. Something tells me there will be more fun adventures in our future…and I can hardly wait.


Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Much love!

xoxo, Rhonda

From Tears to Disco Penguins

Today has been a really heavy day. It’s a necessary evil when your family starts talking about wills or death, though I know it’s better to be prepared than not. Still, it makes for a reality check including thoughts of our own mortality or a life without those we hold dear. To be honest, I cannot stop the tears from streaming down my face as I type this. It’s so heavy on my heart.

So that led me to create some silly art. When life gets difficult, sometimes I come out with some darker art pieces and sometimes I need lighthearted silliness. Today was one of those lighthearted silliness kinds of days! Enter “Disco Penguins”:


They are listed for auction here on ebay.

Remember not to take yourself so seriously. Dance like no one’s watching…always!! 🙂



Getting There

With the huge auction listing session/day/event this week,  I’m slowly but surely getting all of the photos on here to share. It’s nice to know I’ll have them somewhere where I can easily go back and look through them.

When I see things I created a few years ago and remember how my life was going at the time, it’s interesting to see how it was reflected in my paintings. I’m not the type of person who can easily do what others ask of me as far as painting. I have to truly “feel” it and that can take a while. Most people genuinely understand this and never want to rush a creation. For that, I’m grateful!

Now, some art sharing:


“Step by Step”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Baker”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Still” ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Hills”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Alone” ACEO Acrylics & Watercolors, listed here


“Dress Form” ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Still” ACEO Acrylics, listed here

Updated: The painting below entitled “I Dare You” sold to a private collector in California, thank you Jeff D.!


“I Dare You” ACEO Acrylics

I’m going to end this grouping with the spooky, dominating looking scarecrow to kinda shake things up since I’d been trying to end on a funny one. 🙂





Country Living = Country Paintings

Living out in the country…there’s nothing like it! The air is clean, you know everyone around and you live at a slower pace. This is perfect for an artist. Or…scratch that…it’s perfect for this artist. I love looking out the window and seeing farmland and cow pastures, horses and barns, or the big, bright country sky with no lights or wires or buildings or pollution blocking the view of so many stars that a planetarium would whimper away in shame. The smell of a fresh rain on the freshly plowed dirt in the fields, the snow on the fence posts, and the cockle-doodle-do of the rooster. Which leads me to the inspiration of this next painting I wanted to show y’all.

Here’s “Standing Proud”, a fun ACEO miniature painting (2 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches in size):


I decided to auction him over on ebay. You can see him for a limited time here. All of my artwork is so personal to me, but none more so than my paintings. I so hope it finds a good home. 🙂



To-Do List for Today

I have a big to-do list for the next few days and I think I’ll just use my blog to keep up with them and share as I go…

I have a table that I painted for the antique/home decor booth that we had rented last year. Since we closed the booth just a couple months after opening it (due to nothing other than the bad economy), our home had gotten flooded with all kinds of things from there. With the holidays upon us at that time, there was a need to get everything out of sight and we planned to deal with it later. I guess later has come because I really want these things gone as quickly as possible now! It’s like when I go into either of our two extra bedrooms, I’m met with “stuff” and that makes me a little bit hyper…

So, some of my list has to do with those things. Today I want to list at least 3 things on craigslist…a shabby/cottage chic table I had painted for the booth, some oak bar stools we no longer need from our kitchen remodel, and a set of 2 valets/wooden butlers that we had gotten for our booth that I think are just the coolest things. There’s more to list but if those things get listed and gone, I will be so excited!

Here’s a pic of that table I painted:


I base coated it black and hand painted pink roses on the top and sides. Oh and the sides hold magazines. It’s really a cute table and I hope for $35 it goes fast! 🙂

Other things on my to-do list are to finish a few projects for my “The Cozy Loft” shop (a picture frame and two sachets), getting packages ready for and going to the post office, making a blog post for now (this one!) and getting another one ready, do my yoga (I just started this last week), clean out the refrigerator, and go to the grocery store.

I think I can finish this list today, right? If so I better get off here and get to work!!

I’ll let you know how it goes…Happy Thursday everyone!

Blog Reading Simplified

Ok, I’ve finally converted all my blogs over to google reader. And, I LOVE it!! All of my blogs are in one place and I don’t have to go to my bookmarks and then check each one individually. It conveniently TELLS me when there is new activity on any of them, so I can just click the ones who have new info. That’s soooo great and it’s made my computer sitting time so much less. Well, it will now that I have everything all neat and clutter free. 🙂

If you don’t have this wonderful feature, I urge you to try it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed!!

Have fun!