Complicatedly Simple

I’m not going to go into detail with this painting I just finished so that you can interpret it how you see it. If you find some of your own personal meaning and feelings in it, then I have done what I set out to do. That, my friends, is what art is all about.


I’ve listed it here for auction. I was hesitant about listing it but realize that’s why we create things from our hearts. If we keep it to ourselves and don’t share it, that is a disservice to our talents and our crafts. Because it is through art and music where I believe healing begins.




I Found My Hallelujah!

In my life as of late, all signs are pointing to change and as we know, change can sometimes be a very crippling thing. Most of the time, I’m easily adaptable to change and sort of go with the flow. I’ve welcomed it. With age and as some of those changes result in some very trying times, it’s only natural to become a bit more resistant to it. When past successes are now failures, it’s no longer a choice to change but a necessity for mere survival.

As I get older, I think about what I have done in this world to make it a better place and to bring happiness and positivity to others. That’s very important to me. Life can be so hard that it knocks us down time and time again. We learn, we grow and we become stronger during the process. For me, my faith increases and learning what the important things are in life becomes clear.

During this low point of my life, I’ve prayed for guidance and kept the faith that something would be revealed to me for a direction in which to: stay self-employed, be inspiring and spread happiness. One afternoon, I was sitting at the computer and went to YouTube to listen to a little music. I listened to Gwen Stefani’s new song “Make Me Like You” and then thought of Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive”. Here’s the video:

What a happy video! I love his message and paused it right at the beginning when I realized I should do a play on this song for my next sign. I didn’t do the exact phrase because I wouldn’t have wanted to take lyrics like that but I did make it into a shorter phrase while keeping that same feeling.

Here it is in an aqua and white beachy sign:


I was really excited about getting this one ready in the rustic stain with the white writing:


These are listed in my shop here and are available in any colors one might like.

I’m so excited about these. They are just happiness on a piece of reclaimed wood. I love my job.



Freespirit Art


“She is Wild and Free” 6×6 original art available here

It’s only taken me 44 years to figure out what I am. Though people have told me this, and I *did* hear them, it somehow didn’t resonate until this morning. There’s so many things that bring us down. I get so bogged down hearing news stories and seeing pictures that are obviously there for “shock value”. I’ve unfollowed good friends on Facebook for this very reason. I still love them, but we either just have different views on how our day should go or I have a very different outlook on life. Either way, I’ve learned that it’s okay to do things that give me more value to my day.

I’m a freespirit.

This really meant something different to me before today. Though, I suppose in a typical artist stereotype, I’ve been brooding in dark and mysterious corners of my soul as of late. This is where I seem to go for a while and then I emerge even further along the path that is my life.

During this time, in part, I was reflecting on why I’m the way I am. I’m a Christian but I don’t fit the mold of what people seem to think a Christian is these days.I love people. Period. Many friends from all walks of life (this is more of a broad term than you can possibly imagine) have often commented that I’m the most nonjudgmental person they’ve ever known. I’m always taken aback by this comment because it’s not something I consciously do but something that’s natural. If someone is good and kind to me, then I am the same to them. It’s not my concern what’s going on in someone else’s life because I don’t know what path they are on and what wonderful things they can do in others’ lives because of this.

I have my own issues to deal with and to me, that’s why there’s a Bible. It is my guide to how to live my life. And, there’s so much love, joy and peace in the scriptures to me. I’m thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to know that I’m loved and forgiven. I’ve made poor choices in my past and will make more in the future, as I’m an imperfect human being.

Back to why I created this piece of art and my revelation that I’m a true freespirit. Last night, I was flipping through a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens, in particular the article about a chef with a Bohemian style) and immediately I was drawn to that purse and shoes on that page. As I looked into the style more, knowing I’d always been attracted to it, I came across some commentary on being a freespirit. Before this morning, I’d considered that to be something a Christian was not. But after giving it some deep thought, i realized that being a freespirit is what I am. First and foremost, I’m a Christian with a spirit that’s still wild and free living for God. In my life, I hope to bring good to others, no matter their walk in life. Whether it’s happiness, laughter, a smile, some hope, a sense of strength, or a simple light in what could be darkness otherwise.



Finding Balance

When you start something new, do you go all in and give it 100% of your focus or do you gradually, sensibly filter it in to what you already have going on? I discovered a long time ago that I’m the all in type of personality, leaving the sensible stuff covered in dust back in my baby crib.

I’ve been working on creating an online art shop in which to sell my pieces that make it easy to conduct transactions and something that’s easy to use – for both me and my customers. I opened a brand new online shop yesterday and will be adding new paintings there as I complete them as well as adding pieces from my other shop to have everything in one place. Organization online is important to me as I’m traveling this new path and is where my focus lies. I’m looking for a balance.

You can see the shop by clicking here (nothing much there, just getting it all started). I did post a new piece there this morning:


This is “Uplifted”, a 5×7 acrylics on Canson, available here in my new shop.

Now, to find that balance. I think it’s different for everyone, as we are all unique. My needs would be vastly different say from those of someone who had children or grandchildren. I’m certain I can’t find the online lifehack for this (I’m speaking from experience). For all of us, though, I think it’s the journey we have to take. More on that as we go. For now, I’m just trying to say that finding that shortcut is something all too familiar. We want things faster than ever and this results in poor health as well as genuine sadness on a level incredibly deep. Taking the time to feel the texture on a floor, a wall or a piece of fabric. Watching the rain, snow, birds, body of water or whatever is outside our windows. Dreaming and never stopping dreaming. Playing and never stopping playing. Being thankful for all that is good and wonderful in our lives. These are things that no one else can do for us. No matter who we surround ourselves with…or how many we surround ourselves with…we still have our own journey. No one controls that but us. 🙂

Light & Dark

“So you enjoy living in the light, with happiness and stillness. You will only truly appreciate it after you’ve been in the dark. Then, you will have true joy and serenity.” ~ Unknown