Kodak Verite 55 Printer – Color Copies

A few YouTube viewers asked about the color copy quality for the Kodak Verite 55 Printer I did an unboxing and review video on recently. Since I hadn’t tried that function out as of yet, I thought I’d do a quick print and then a photo of the copy and the original side by side.

Here’s how it turned out:


This was just a promotion I received from Old Navy which had beautiful colors that I thought would be a good test. I should state that my ink cartridges are showing that they are getting low and the copy still turned out this great.



Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Wipes Review

First things first…HAPPY FRIDAY!!! It’s so good to welcome the weekend! There’s lots of fun to be had and this weekend seems the perfect time to do just that! 🙂

I tried a new product that I wanted to share with all of you. It’s the Clean & Clear Night Relaxing Wipes. It claims to be an all-in-one product that doesn’t even require rinsing.


Okay, so I’m going to be honest and open here. I wouldn’t say I’m lazy when it comes to taking care of myself but I can’t seem to enjoy taking a lot of time with it. It’s not very “self caring” if it’s taking so long to do it that I’m frustrated by it. So, while I would never go to bed without removing makeup and washing my face, I do like to use products that are fast and effective.

This Clean & Clear product called to me with the very name “night relaxing”. I immediately thought of using it and feeling comforted and soothed, ready to fall into sweet slumber…a facial cleanser lullaby in a wipe, if you will. While this product didn’t sing me to sleep, it definitely was relaxing. It was pleasing to use. All makeup was removed that I had on. My skin was soft to the touch and felt clean and smooth. I didn’t feel the need to rinse it and that’s really saying a lot for me. I’ve never found a cleansing wipe before that I didn’t feel needed to be rinsed off.  Until now.

I did a video review on it here:

Please let me know if you try it. I’d love to know if you feel the same as I do about this product.

This is not a sponsored or solicited review. I noticed a “new” item on the shelf at Walmart while looking to purchase some new cleansing wipes after running out. I had a coupon for these as well as a few others. The reason I wanted to try these was because of the name. All opinions are my own.



Aveeno Body Wash Review – Pomegranate & Rice

Yesterday I was in Walmart buying a new things for the day-after-Valentine’s-Day sale. Like I do often, I wandered back to the health and beauty aids section of the store. There on the top shelf was something I’d not seen before. It was the Aveeno positively nourishing smoothing body wash priced at $5.97.

I admit, I like to smell things before I buy them if I can. The items with the scratch and sniff stickers are much appreciated by me. If a smell is off putting, I can’t use it, eat it or tolerate it very well. In my heart of hearts, for example, I want to be able to use vinegar to clean with, use in foods and skin care concoctions but I can’t get past the smell. With Aveeno products being made of many natural ingredients, I had wondered how the smell would be.


Upon smelling it in the store, I almost put it back down. It wasn’t an alluring scent. However, it was a very refined and natural scent in the bottle but smells even better in use. When I used it yesterday, I went back into my bathroom an hour or so later and the light scent was still noticeable and pleasant. The scent is light enough that I believe a man or woman could use it.

Aveeno’s positively nourishing smoothing body wash does what it promises. It has a beautiful lather and contains walnut shell and rice exfoliants. These exfoliants aren’t harsh and are very gentle on your skin.You can view my video demonstration here if you’d like to see what it looks like in the bottle and in use.

Today, not even 24 hours later, my middle aged skin is softer than it’s been in a long time and I couldn’t be happier! I’d LOVE to know if it works for you the way it’s worked for me. If you try it, would you let me know? I’m so excited about this product and I’d love to hear your experience, too!

This is not a sponsored review. The reason for my purchase of this product was completely an impulse purchase while in the store. After using it, I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it as soon as I possibly could!





Kodak Verite 55 Printer

Just in case someone’s in the market for a new printer and is in need of one that prints great photos, I was pleasantly surprised at the print quality and speed of the Kodak Verite 55 Printer! It’s the first time I’ve ever chosen a Kodak printer so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Let me say that this is not a sponsored post, it’s just an opinion of a printer I chose while standing in the aisle at Walmart yesterday. It was regularly $79.47 and the price on the shelf was $69.47. When I Googled it from the aisle in order to get the reviews on it, it was on walmart.com for $59.47. All I had to do was show the cashier my phone of the walmart.com website price and she adjusted it. I love a great deal and I feel like this is a really great deal!


I have a video with the unboxing, setup and review here, if you’d like to check it out further. I edited it to make it shorter so it won’t take up too much time. I’m super happy with it and thought I’d share it.




Low Budget Bronzing

I’m all about some good deals, but only if those deals are actually useful and still have a good quality to them. Alot of us girls out here try different make-up and products, so it’s good to hear from our friends as to what works and what doesn’t work.

Recently, I picked up a powder bronzer by L.A. Colors. Before trying this one, I was using Wet and Wild’s surprisingly good quality bronzer. Since I used it all up and went to replenish it, I discovered they no longer make the one like I had. I took this opportunity to try a new one. Here’s a pic of what it looks like in the package:

The included brush is not a good quality and I use one of my own professional brushes for application. Also, be warned the compact packaging is not desirable as far as the stiffness in opening and closing the bronzer. However, the actual product is very good. Especially for the price. I snagged this for $1.50 at the local Dollar General store, so at this cost, everyone could have a little bronzer. As for me, I use it all year round for contouring and little extra glow. Happy Bronzing!! 🙂