Creating Against the Odds

Why is it when you get rid of crafty items you’ve held onto for years, you need them the very next week? That’s is my reality. The really crazy part is that I didn’t realize I’d gotten rid of what I needed until I had gone through everything three times. When I say everything, I mean all my crafting supply cabinets, bins and furniture which was no small undertaking. Sigh. Oh well, off to the store I went.

But OH MY did I have fun creating this and I’ve even (almost) forgotten the dearly departed and repurchased supplies by this point. Here’s the finished piece:


This arrangement contains white flowers, various greenery including eucalyptus, glittery shamrocks, a leprechaun and a rainbow all inside a tinsel wrapped  top hat. Both the leprechaun and the rainbow were cut out of wood and then hand painted by me. It measures about 15 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 10 inches deep. What a sweet way to celebrate St Paddy’s Day!

Here’s a close-up of my hand painted leprechaun:


And a close-up of my hand painted rainbow:


This beauty is now available in the shop. You can see it by clicking here.

I will have more goodies soon as I’m doing a mini update next Friday – Valentine’s Day!

Easy DIY Vent Cover Installation

My home was built in the late 50s so there are a few things that no longer work or that need a little help to work. One of those are the foundation vents. I have a total of 6 and only 2 of those mechanisms actually close for winter so I had to come up with either a replacement or a variation. This choice works perfectly for the vents on my home.


Simply make sure there’s no obstructions or debris on your vent before placing the vent cover. Then set it in place and press the spring lever in and turn it until it latches onto the vent. When it’s time to remove them, simply press and turn again until it unlatches. It’s that easy!

They are available at Walmart here (affiliate link) and you can see my quick installation video here.

Cutting the Cord – One for All Antenna 14542


This is the One for All Suburbs Line Pro with a 50 mile range, style #14542 which was around $32. I picked this up for my home this month after I decided it’s time to cut the cord on cable television. What you’ll want to do is go to and put in your zip code. This will tell you which channels you can get, the direction for your signal and what antenna is best for your location.

First, I plugged in the micro USB power adapter to the amplifier. Then I connected the power to the outlet and checked that the red light was illuminated. Next, I connect the antenna to the amplifier. Next, I connect the short cable on the amplifier box to the antenna connector on the back of my TV.

Now you can decide where you would like to mount your antenna. These are reversible with the option of black or white. You can mount it on the TV, the wall, in a window, on the entertainment center, etc. Since my signals come from behind where the TV was located, I opted to place the antenna on the back. Using alcohol and a cotton ball, I cleaned off the areas and then I used the provided 3M adhesives for placement.

Now, to find my channels. I have an Insignia and was able to do a channel search by going to the menu, channels and then choosing an automatic channel search. You’ll need to check your specific brand to determine how to do this on yours.

In total, I can pick up 5 channels in my small town. My parents live out in the country and they can pick up 3 times as many channels as I can, so your results will probably be much better than mine. These are digital channels so they are every bit as crisp and clear as the digital cable I just dropped.

I have the video of the setup here if you’d like to watch. These are available at Walmart here (affiliate link). Happy Money Saving!

The Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s so difficult to find the “perfect” wedding gift! For a long while, I’ve had a wedding gift ornament in my Etsy shop but I have long wanted to give it an updated look with banners. Finally, FINALLY, I had the time to see it through and give my entire shop a facelift with all new photos and all new updated designs on beautifully refined glass ornaments. But back to this post, here’s my Wedding Ornament design with the added banner above and below the sweet couple:


You can click on the photo to be taken directly to the listing if you want to see more information about it.

I’m in love with it and it’s so customizable! The characters are painted to be similar to the couple – even the color and part of their hair! These are such a joy to create and they are so special. It’s truly the P-E-R-F-E-C-T wedding gift. 🙂