Giveaway Time

It’s giveaway time!!! Out of all the entries this time, we have a winner!

Winner was chosen via which is a random number generator. Each entry received a number and the site chose the number. The winner was the one who matched the number

The winner is WHITNEY!! chose number 3 and that was you! Your prize is a Fall & Halloween package! I hope you *love* it!! Congratulations Whitney!

Limited beauties

Every year I say I’m going to paint some Limited Edition ornaments for my shop far in advance of Christmas. It’s a reality this year! I have some of my hand painted shabby chic roses on these GORGEOUS pink satin glass ornaments.


I thought they would be cute with a Victorian style “plaque” with some gold metallic accents and a cottage sentiment. They can say “Merry Christmas” or “Rose Cottage”. I only have a few of these available so once they are gone, I probably won’t have more so be sure to grab them if you love them.



These are in the shop right now. You can see them by clicking here. I have some other limited edition items to come later on but I’m so glad to have a start on these pretties.

I decided to video the painting of them here, too, if you’d like to see.

Hope you are doing well and staying safe xoxo


Face Mask Winner

Good evening friends!

As promised, I entered all my Etsy customers with completed transactions from purchase to review in for a 2 pack of face masks. This was such a joy to do because I have the BEST customers! No matter whether you won or not, I want you to know that you are appreciated beyond measure!

The winner has been notified via Etsy messenger and was chosen by “random number generator” so it was far.

Nina – you are the winner! CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll be getting these out to you in Monday’s mail. Thank you all again. Love to all of you 🙂

Toilet Paper Commemorative Ornament

My goodness! Never in my life would I have thought I’d be putting a title such as “Toilet Paper Commemorative Ornament” on a blog post! Who could have seen this coming?

Well, we always know that when life hands us lemons, the best thing we can do is make lemonade. I decided to make toilet paper ornaments with my lemons, so to speak.


I’ve never understood hoarding things and I’ve certainly never understood people who are hoarding to the detriment of their fellow humans. I’ve heard horror stories about fights and even thefts of employees’ restrooms and their toilet paper in local businesses. I’m sure if that’s happening in my small town, there are even worse stories elsewhere. To have come out of this with toilet paper was a skill all its own!


Fortunately for me, I like shopping sales and I had a partial pack here and had just bought an extra pack because it was on sale just before all of what’s being dubbed the “Toilet Paper Apocalypse of 2020”  happened.

Some of my family members and neighbors weren’t so fortunate though and they are also high risk for COVID-19 so I’ve been helping them out with their shopping and have made sure they now have toilet paper. The limits stores have placed on these items are making a major difference. I really feel for anyone on a strict budget who can’t purchase ahead, such a senior citizens on a fixed income. It’s heartbreaking really but I’ve tried to do everything I can to make sure that any of them in my orbit knows I’m here to help them. If you are capable of doing this, it’s such a blessing to you yourself to do these things to help others during a crisis. They are blessed, sure, but I feel even more blessed personally because there’s nothing better than putting someone else’s needs above your own time. Of course, you have to watch these things because some like to take advantage but that’s another story for another day, maybe.

Back to the toilet paper ornaments, I came up with these to sort of commemorate being able to have this treasure this year. You truly feel like a “Survivor”, no doubt!


I have these listed in my shop and you can see them by clicking here if you are needing one for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Please stay safe and healthy in all you do



Lord, lead the way

I received this calendar for Christmas from my best friend and it’s called “She lives, she loves, she laughs” and each day there are inspirational reminders to get the day started off on the right foot.

Today’s post says: She started her day with a simple prayer, “Lord, lead the way,” then she stepped out the door with a heart full of courage.

These days there is a lot of discontent and heavy hearts. I’ve noticed when I don’t start my day with positivity and love, the day is open to negativity and darkness. It’s part of that armor that we have to use to protect ourselves. Easier said than done, right? But when we do it, oh what a difference it makes in a day. 🙂