Easy DIY Vent Cover Installation

My home was built in the late 50s so there are a few things that no longer work or that need a little help to work. One of those are the foundation vents. I have a total of 6 and only 2 of those mechanisms actually close for winter so I had to come up with either a replacement or a variation. This choice works perfectly for the vents on my home.


Simply make sure there’s no obstructions or debris on your vent before placing the vent cover. Then set it in place and press the spring lever in and turn it until it latches onto the vent. When it’s time to remove them, simply press and turn again until it unlatches. It’s that easy!

They are available at Walmart here (affiliate link) and you can see my quick installation video here.

Cutting the Cord – One for All Antenna 14542


This is the One for All Suburbs Line Pro with a 50 mile range, style #14542 which was around $32. I picked this up for my home this month after I decided it’s time to cut the cord on cable television. What you’ll want to do is go to http://www.channelchecker.com and put in your zip code. This will tell you which channels you can get, the direction for your signal and what antenna is best for your location.

First, I plugged in the micro USB power adapter to the amplifier. Then I connected the power to the outlet and checked that the red light was illuminated. Next, I connect the antenna to the amplifier. Next, I connect the short cable on the amplifier box to the antenna connector on the back of my TV.

Now you can decide where you would like to mount your antenna. These are reversible with the option of black or white. You can mount it on the TV, the wall, in a window, on the entertainment center, etc. Since my signals come from behind where the TV was located, I opted to place the antenna on the back. Using alcohol and a cotton ball, I cleaned off the areas and then I used the provided 3M adhesives for placement.

Now, to find my channels. I have an Insignia and was able to do a channel search by going to the menu, channels and then choosing an automatic channel search. You’ll need to check your specific brand to determine how to do this on yours.

In total, I can pick up 5 channels in my small town. My parents live out in the country and they can pick up 3 times as many channels as I can, so your results will probably be much better than mine. These are digital channels so they are every bit as crisp and clear as the digital cable I just dropped.

I have the video of the setup here if you’d like to watch. These are available at Walmart here (affiliate link). Happy Money Saving!

The Perfect Wedding Gift

It’s so difficult to find the “perfect” wedding gift! For a long while, I’ve had a wedding gift ornament in my Etsy shop but I have long wanted to give it an updated look with banners. Finally, FINALLY, I had the time to see it through and give my entire shop a facelift with all new photos and all new updated designs on beautifully refined glass ornaments. But back to this post, here’s my Wedding Ornament design with the added banner above and below the sweet couple:


You can click on the photo to be taken directly to the listing if you want to see more information about it.

I’m in love with it and it’s so customizable! The characters are painted to be similar to the couple – even the color and part of their hair! These are such a joy to create and they are so special. It’s truly the P-E-R-F-E-C-T wedding gift. 🙂



Special People

One of the things you’re never really prepared for is a real connection with a stranger on this big ole world wide web. I mean a real and genuine connection without even knowing them outside of the online world or ever speaking to them on the phone. It happens – even on Etsy.

This review made me want to share this post with all of you:

S.C. said: “I have several ornaments that have been custom made by Rhonda. This time, she made an ornament to honor the loss of our beloved pet. The ornament is beautiful and comforting. I highly recommend Rhonda!”

This sweet lady found my shop on Etsy several years ago. Each year, she contacts me with a message of what has happened in her (and her family’s) life and then she gives me creative freedom to create a special ornament sort of telling the story of their year. It honestly brings me great joy to receive her message each year and to learn of all the big events going on for her, her husband and their beautiful family.

With that. there are sometimes losses as well. This year, their precious hedgehog passed. She wrote to me and asked for a special memorial ornament, making sure she gave me lots of information about his likes, special dates, homes and fun memories they’d had together. After she received the ornament, I asked her if it was okay for me to share photos and her review here on my site. She was happy for me to share them, so here are the photos of each section of the finished piece:







This is exactly the reason I love Etsy so much. This is where real life people can meet real life artists and work with them to create something special. While I know I get paid for doing this, for if I didn’t this wouldn’t be possible, it’s so much more than that to me. I put my heart and soul in what I create and I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to do it. Especially for people like this sweet lady. She’s my kind of people and someone who makes this world a better place just by being in it. Her warmth and genuine heart shine through her words. Always.





Remodeling the Shop

When you don’t really apply yourself to focus on something that you really want, it’s most likely not going to happen. Over the last 20 years or so, I have put a lot of time and effort into painting and, in particular, painting ornaments. It has been a never ending creative task that I’ve received as a true God-given gift. And I’m grateful for it.


Some ornaments that I painted which were ordered locally last year

There are many things that need to do in addition to the actual talent of painting and that is the marketing, photos, shop branding, accounting, etc., etc., etc. of running an online business. This part I’m not so good at, but I’ve finally realized that’s the piece that is missing from my puzzle. I need to be patient and learn how to do all those things in order to have a successful online presence.


I painted these for an order for a group of graduating friends – so much fun!

My current project is consistency in my creations. I’m working on backgrounds, photos and camera settings. Happily I can report that I’ve finally found the one I like – it’s a simple blurred white background with the ornament front and center. Since it has no distractions, I feel like this might be a good direction. I’ll keep playing with photos and lighting but this is the current favorite:


New ornament style that I’ve been painting and I love the white background. They are so enchanting and fairy tale reminiscent to me.

Doesn’t the above little girl look like she would get into all sorts of adorable adventures? I love their little personalities and sweet smiles. Of course, they are all hand painted and personalized. Each photo leads to my shop by clicking it if you want to see that. I’ve only updated 3 listings as of now. More ornaments have been ordered and should be in this week. Since I’m moving to the white ornaments, I have to be patient and wait. Until then, I have more than enough to do and to learn about all the other things I need to know to have an even more successful online presence.

You know, at first I was thinking…why can’t I just paint and do what I love all the time. Why do I have to learn all this online marketing and such? It seems like such a waste of time. Now, I realize in order to be successful, we must grow. We must constantly be bettering ourselves and learning more. It’s not only good to grow…it’s a necessity. 🙂



Discoveries & Life

I think all of us artists – and really all humans in general – never lose some of that inner child. The child who loves exploring possibilities, feeling the rain upon our faces, wants the good guys to win, wants attention and much more. Artists, though – well we are a special kind of human child-adult for life. At least that is the case for me lol 🙂


In my childhood years, I was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged and challenged me to be anything I wanted to be. The twist to that is that I went down an obscene number of career paths. Even within the art world, I have traveled many paths. The consistent, though, is my hand painted ornaments.

There are customers who come yearly for special hand painted creations and it warms my heart and fills my soul with incredibly joy. Is it strange to say that I feel as though I’m a part of their lives in a small yet memorable way? It means something to me. I wonder if they know how delighted and honored I am to see their name pop up with an order or message.

My biggest hope is that my customers know it’s not a “job” to me but it’s my life that I’m sharing with them. Any ornament is an extension of something very personal and very vulnerable within me. Each one is custom painted with so much love and care.


You’ll see more of my work shared here because I want everything to be visible and memorialized on here as much as possible. Thank you for sticking with me through all the ups and downs through the years. I do plan on still having personal blog posts as well as I get so much great feedback from all the things I share. You are all so appreciated. Thank you…just for being you. 🙂