Special People

One of the things you’re never really prepared for is a real connection with a stranger on this big ole world wide web. I mean a real and genuine connection without even knowing them outside of the online world or ever speaking to them on the phone. It happens – even on Etsy.

This review made me want to share this post with all of you:

S.C. said: “I have several ornaments that have been custom made by Rhonda. This time, she made an ornament to honor the loss of our beloved pet. The ornament is beautiful and comforting. I highly recommend Rhonda!”

This sweet lady found my shop on Etsy several years ago. Each year, she contacts me with a message of what has happened in her (and her family’s) life and then she gives me creative freedom to create a special ornament sort of telling the story of their year. It honestly brings me great joy to receive her message each year and to learn of all the big events going on for her, her husband and their beautiful family.

With that. there are sometimes losses as well. This year, their precious hedgehog passed. She wrote to me and asked for a special memorial ornament, making sure she gave me lots of information about his likes, special dates, homes and fun memories they’d had together. After she received the ornament, I asked her if it was okay for me to share photos and her review here on my site. She was happy for me to share them, so here are the photos of each section of the finished piece:







This is exactly the reason I love Etsy so much. This is where real life people can meet real life artists and work with them to create something special. While I know I get paid for doing this, for if I didn’t this wouldn’t be possible, it’s so much more than that to me. I put my heart and soul in what I create and I’m so thankful and blessed to be able to do it. Especially for people like this sweet lady. She’s my kind of people and someone who makes this world a better place just by being in it. Her warmth and genuine heart shine through her words. Always.





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