Remodeling the Shop

When you don’t really apply yourself to focus on something that you really want, it’s most likely not going to happen. Over the last 20 years or so, I have put a lot of time and effort into painting and, in particular, painting ornaments. It has been a never ending creative task that I’ve received as a true God-given gift. And I’m grateful for it.


Some ornaments that I painted which were ordered locally last year

There are many things that need to do in addition to the actual talent of painting and that is the marketing, photos, shop branding, accounting, etc., etc., etc. of running an online business. This part I’m not so good at, but I’ve finally realized that’s the piece that is missing from my puzzle. I need to be patient and learn how to do all those things in order to have a successful online presence.


I painted these for an order for a group of graduating friends – so much fun!

My current project is consistency in my creations. I’m working on backgrounds, photos and camera settings. Happily I can report that I’ve finally found the one I like – it’s a simple blurred white background with the ornament front and center. Since it has no distractions, I feel like this might be a good direction. I’ll keep playing with photos and lighting but this is the current favorite:


New ornament style that I’ve been painting and I love the white background. They are so enchanting and fairy tale reminiscent to me.

Doesn’t the above little girl look like she would get into all sorts of adorable adventures? I love their little personalities and sweet smiles. Of course, they are all hand painted and personalized. Each photo leads to my shop by clicking it if you want to see that. I’ve only updated 3 listings as of now. More ornaments have been ordered and should be in this week. Since I’m moving to the white ornaments, I have to be patient and wait. Until then, I have more than enough to do and to learn about all the other things I need to know to have an even more successful online presence.

You know, at first I was thinking…why can’t I just paint and do what I love all the time. Why do I have to learn all this online marketing and such? It seems like such a waste of time. Now, I realize in order to be successful, we must grow. We must constantly be bettering ourselves and learning more. It’s not only good to grow…it’s a necessity. 🙂



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