Discoveries & Life

I think all of us artists – and really all humans in general – never lose some of that inner child. The child who loves exploring possibilities, feeling the rain upon our faces, wants the good guys to win, wants attention and much more. Artists, though – well we are a special kind of human child-adult for life. At least that is the case for me lol 🙂


In my childhood years, I was lucky enough to have parents who encouraged and challenged me to be anything I wanted to be. The twist to that is that I went down an obscene number of career paths. Even within the art world, I have traveled many paths. The consistent, though, is my hand painted ornaments.

There are customers who come yearly for special hand painted creations and it warms my heart and fills my soul with incredibly joy. Is it strange to say that I feel as though I’m a part of their lives in a small yet memorable way? It means something to me. I wonder if they know how delighted and honored I am to see their name pop up with an order or message.

My biggest hope is that my customers know it’s not a “job” to me but it’s my life that I’m sharing with them. Any ornament is an extension of something very personal and very vulnerable within me. Each one is custom painted with so much love and care.


You’ll see more of my work shared here because I want everything to be visible and memorialized on here as much as possible. Thank you for sticking with me through all the ups and downs through the years. I do plan on still having personal blog posts as well as I get so much great feedback from all the things I share. You are all so appreciated. Thank you…just for being you. 🙂



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