Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener – Review & Demo


Hey everyone! I wanted to share a demonstration and review of the Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener product  (referral link) that I picked up at Walmart for $6.84. In my store, this product was located in the Home Improvement section around the paint, light bulbs and tools. This formula is specifically for Hair and Grease clogs but I truly didn’t know what my clog particulars were. Since I was using this in the bathroom sink, I was assuming the clog  was due to hair and buildup of gunk over time.

If you would prefer to watch the demo instead of read this, you can get it by clicking here. 

In using this product or any similar product, take your time and read the directions. Although I’m telling you what my bottle states, you will need to check your own bottle as it could be a newer or older formula from the date of this video being posted. Be sure you have safety goggles for eye protection as well as rubber gloves for hand protection. This is some serious stuff and safety is first. I wanted to show you that my sink was doing a slow drain. It would eventually empty but it was slow. It’s time to see if we can fix that!

This product states that it’s safe for all pipes and septic tanks when used according to directions. The instructions on this bottle state to pour 2 cups of the product slowly and directly into the drain. Since it stated that 2 cups was about 1/4 of the bottle, I eyeballed 1/4 of the bottle. It says to wait an hour or that overnight was really best. I let this sit for about 4 hours or so and then I poured in some boiling water. Some sediment came up into the basin and there was some bubbling occurring but this time the sink didn’t drain as well as it had been draining before. After a half hour or so, it was empty so I put in another pot of boiling water. Still, it took over a half hour to drain. I repeated the boiling water a third time with the same result.

It was obvious I needed to try leaving it overnight. I used another 1/4 of the bottle and this time, I left it in there around 18 hours. I’m so happy to report this product worked! It has drained normally ever since. I’d love to hear your experience with this product and if it worked for you.

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