Inktober Days 6-9

This month is just going right along! That means Inktober drawings are as well. So far, so good because I’ve been able to keep up. This plus the giveaway I have going on this week has proven to have me rushing around a little just to make sure I have everything done I need to get done. By the way, be sure to go to my Facebook page to enter if you’d like to win the fan ornaments I did for Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet. Good luck!

Inktober, Day 6’s prompt word was “drooling” and I absolutely wasn’t inspired by that so I went out on my own and created something I’d been thinking of for a while…a sweet llama:


For Day 7, the word was “exhausted” and since my chicken character had quite a good response on social media, I decided to have a little fun with him. This one is titled “From Couch Potato to 5k Fail”:


Day 8’s word was “star” and I really wanted to do something different, kind of a different take on “Catch a Falling Star and Put It In Your Pocket” by creating an easier way to catch them. What could be better than a tree of them?


Yesterday’s word (Day 9) was “precious” and I could think of nothing more precious than love and this sweet couple has it in spades:


These have been good for me – I needed to step outside of my norm and have a little fun. I hope it shows in the pieces.




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