Mini Works of Art

I hope you’re enjoying seeing these miniature paintings of mine from the past. Posting them and talking about them inspires me to create more. Maybe I can steal some time away soon to do just that.

Until then, I want to get some more on this blog that I put up for sale in my marathon ebay session Monday.


“Ocean Love” ACEO in Acrylics,  listed here


“Surrounded” ACEO in Acrylics, listed here


“Sunset River”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Watchful Eye” ACEO in Acrylics, listed here

Updated: The painting below entitled “My Love” sold to a private collector in Rhode Island, thank you Jennifer B.!


“My Love”, ACEO Acrylics


“Peace”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Happy Morning”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here


“Raven’s Hope”, ACEO Acrylics, listed here

That is a perfect one to end on for this evening. She’s special to me and seems so full of love and happiness. I hope you feel the same when you see her.






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