There are times I find it  difficult to let go of paintings I’ve created. This year, as a resolution, I wanted my year to be focused on simplification. We all find ourselves, at least at times, in the middle of complicated lives. Holding on to (some) things simply adds undue stress to us, though we may not realize it.

As I’ve been simplifying things, I committed to giving up items from my closets for Lent as well. By cleaning out closets of clothes that I see as okay but not great, I’ve realized how much I am frustrated by those t-shirts with the nice color or design but that have the annoying too short sleeves on them that are terribly uncomfortable and I never wear. They aren’t even good for layering. I’d much rather wear a tank top than something with sleeves that fall nearer my armpit that my elbow. Let’s not even get started on the fact that they are flattering to no one. Do people like those sleeves? I always felt like it was maybe the extra fabric the factories were “saving” added on less costs for them to create the product to sell. At any rate, I’m finally freeing myself of the struggle those shirts have caused me and I resolve to no longer purchase one regardless of what other features pull me in.

(Sleeve Tangent Over Now lol)

I’m not sure how familiar all of you are with ebay but they allow 50 free listings per month of auction items. I should have started in January with doing this to clear out some of my paintings but I missed that month. But, thanks to leap year, I’ll be able to at least use some of those February freebies. My goal is 20 but I’m shooting for 48 (I’d already used two of my freebies on other items so I have 48 left for these paintings.)

In the Zone (Felix).BMP

“In the Zone” Felix the Cat Series, ACEO, Acrylics on Canson listed here

I’ll try to split these paintings up so each post isn’t terribly long and hopefully share them through the week. It’s nice to have these paintings somewhere where I can look through them again in the future. Having recently lost all my previous paintings for many years, I understand the importance of not relying on a backup system for super important things. So, I do hope you enjoy looking through these as well.


“In the Zone” Felix the Cat Series, ACEO, Acrylics on Canson listed here

These paintings range in years of creation from 2008 to 2015. I’m being sure to put the year of their creation in each listing.


“In the Zone” Felix the Cat Series, ACEO, Acrylics on Canson listed here

Being as though these are a bit older as far as creation year, I decided to start them at a low price to hopefully move them to a home where they can be displayed and loved.

Mindless Wandering

“In the Zone” Felix the Cat Series, ACEO, Acrylics on Canson listed here

You may recall “Mindless Wandering” from a previous blog post last year right after I created it. Here it is if you’d like to see what it symbolized to me before, during and after the creation of it.

king kong french movie poster.BMP

“In the Zone” Felix the Cat Series, ACEO, Acrylics on Canson listed here

That is all for this post but I hope to be sharing more with you over the next few days and hopefully through the year. Looking back through this is already sparking creativity. For me, my soul needs me to paint. I’m ready to take better care of my soul, too.




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