Aveeno Body Wash Review – Pomegranate & Rice

Yesterday I was in Walmart buying a new things for the day-after-Valentine’s-Day sale. Like I do often, I wandered back to the health and beauty aids section of the store. There on the top shelf was something I’d not seen before. It was the Aveeno positively nourishing smoothing body wash priced at $5.97.

I admit, I like to smell things before I buy them if I can. The items with the scratch and sniff stickers are much appreciated by me. If a smell is off putting, I can’t use it, eat it or tolerate it very well. In my heart of hearts, for example, I want to be able to use vinegar to clean with, use in foods and skin care concoctions but I can’t get past the smell. With Aveeno products being made of many natural ingredients, I had wondered how the smell would be.


Upon smelling it in the store, I almost put it back down. It wasn’t an alluring scent. However, it was a very refined and natural scent in the bottle but smells even better in use. When I used it yesterday, I went back into my bathroom an hour or so later and the light scent was still noticeable and pleasant. The scent is light enough that I believe a man or woman could use it.

Aveeno’s positively nourishing smoothing body wash does what it promises. It has a beautiful lather and contains walnut shell and rice exfoliants. These exfoliants aren’t harsh and are very gentle on your skin.You can view my video demonstration here if you’d like to see what it looks like in the bottle and in use.

Today, not even 24 hours later, my middle aged skin is softer than it’s been in a long time and I couldn’t be happier! I’d LOVE to know if it works for you the way it’s worked for me. If you try it, would you let me know? I’m so excited about this product and I’d love to hear your experience, too!

This is not a sponsored review. The reason for my purchase of this product was completely an impulse purchase while in the store. After using it, I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to share it as soon as I possibly could!






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