Giving It Up

I’ve made it no secret that I’m a Christian.  I try to always do the right thing, though sometimes there are limitations that cause me not to be able to do everything I want to do.

While I was doing a quick catch-up on Facebook this evening, a friend had posted about Lent. I sit here typing this to somewhat ashamedly say I’ve never participated in giving up anything for Lent before. Maybe it wouldn’t have meant to me in the past what it means to me this year. I don’t know why it’s never been something I’ve been led to do, but I truly believe your heart has to be in it for it to be a blessing. My heart is definitely in this.

So I typed up this little challenge on a sunset photo I snapped this week from my home. If anyone feels so led to join me, I’d love that! Or, you can observe my baby steps through my first Lent participation.


I’ll post more about it as we go during the 40 days. Here on Day 1, I have this sweater that I’ve chosen to give up:


There’s something so special about doing this that has given me a sense of purpose and deeper meaning than just “donating something” or “cleaning out my closet”. It’s more than that. Neither my closet nor my pantry are overflowing with an abundance of items, so I feel that this is an appropriate experience for my life right now.  I can’t describe it. But it feels much bigger than me, my little house, my little town, my little state, my little world.




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