Finding Free Things

Yesterday’s shopping deals gave me such an uplifted spirit that I went back out today! Clearance for Christmas items will soon be over and in fact, it’s completely gone at many stores already, but I’m making the most of it as I can! Today, I shopped Walmart and Dollar General. Let’s start with Walmart first. The video is here if you’d like to check it out and these are the three items at great prices I picked up:


The two candles are American Home candles made by the awesome Yankee Candle Company. I couldn’t find a regular price, but these were marked down to $3.00 on clearance. When I went to price check them, they were actually ringing up at $1.00 each! Yes! The other fragrances were not yet marked down, so it’s only working for the Sparkling Cinnamon Spice candles as of this morning.  Also, the Creative Collection Premium Cardstock (colors are red, green and black) with 24 sheets was only $0.25. Another great deal to be had if you can find them where you are.

Dollar General was an exciting trip, complete with a money maker item. Here’s my mini-haul from there today:


The three Christmas bags at the top were regularly priced $1.00, but were part of the Christmas clearance so I scored those for $0.10 each. The picture doesn’t show all the sparkle in them but you can see that in the video here. The big deal, the super exciting surprise, the awesome steal is the toothbrushes! They are Oral-B Healthy Clean toothbrushes:


These toothbrushes are $1.00 each and the digital coupon from the Dollar General site is for $6.00 off of 4 manual Oral-B toothbrushes. That’s NOT a typo, my friends! You will make $2.00 by purchasing these toothbrushes. It’s one of those times that I’m going to tell you that you will get paid to shop and it’s going to be true! During my shopping trip, I also picked up some correction fluid/white-out that I needed for $1.00 and I also purchased a Glade oil warmer plugin for $1.50. Since I had to make sure my total was in the positive, that was very important. My total ended up being $0.50 before tax so I was pretty excited about that. Close up of the bar code:


But wait…there’s more! Have you heard of Ibotta? There was an Ibotta rebate available for $1.00 on the Glade oil warmer plugin. So, I had added that to my rebates before making the purchase and then scanned the code and uploaded the receipt when I returned home. Within less than an hour, I already had the $1.00 in my Ibotta account. This is madness! Where has this been all my life?? At any rate, this is fueling my excitement in getting this information to you as soon as possible, too!

Ibotta is an app that you must have a smartphone to use. Although you can sign up online, you have to have the phone to scan receipts and barcodes. I like being able to look through the available rebates on the computer and load them to my account. Somehow it’s much easier that way, at least to me. If you decide to try it out, I’ll include my referral link:   If you use the referral link, you’ll receive $10 in your account when you submit your first rebate. I can also tell you this works. I signed up about 2 weeks ago and turned in my first rebate the day after signing up. The $10 bonus was in my account immediately. I’ve earned almost $25 with them already so I’m super excited to have discovered this and am even more excited to share it with you!

If you decide to join Ibotta and/or you were able to get any of the deals I mentioned, would you please let me know? 🙂




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