Looking for Bargains

Some things are just too too good not to share! I had a friend share with me some great Dollar General deals earlier today. After learning about them, of course I couldn’t pass up a bargain so made my way there as quickly as I could! As an artist and just as a member of the work force, we work so hard for our money that it’s nice to be able to find some good deals from time time!  🙂

I used digital coupons from DG’s website and also lucked up on some great Christmas clearance as well. Have a look and see my score from today’s trip:


I decided to put it on video here or I can give you a breakdown of costs on the blog here as well (in no particular order):

  1. Christmas Ribbon, regular price $1.00, today $0.10 each, purchased 2
  2. Red Glitter Bottle Brush Tree, regular price $3.00, today $0.10
  3. Red Glitter Peace Ornament, regular price $1.00, today $0.10
  4. Set of 2 Pom Pom Bows, regular price $1.00, today $0.10
  5. Candy and Snowflake Glitter Foam Stickers, regular price $1.00, today $0.10
  6. Christmas Gift Tissue, regular price $1.00, today $0.10, purchased 10
  7. Tide Pods, 10 count, regular price $4.50, used $3.00 off digital coupon, today $1.50
  8. M&Ms, regular price $0.85 each, buy one get one free digital coupon, today $0.85 for 2 of them
  9. Fritos Chips, regular price $2.95, and Pepsi Product, regular price $1.25, used the buy one Frito Lay chips and one 2 liter Pepsi product, get $2.00 off digital coupon, today $1.10 each
  10. Pringles, regular price $1.50, used $0.75 off digital coupon, today $0.75
  11. The Freebie! Vaseline Lip Therapy, regular price $1.00, used $1.00 off digital coupon, today….FREE! 🙂

Please let me know if you are able to get the same deals in your area. I’d love to know what kinds of deals everyone’s finding! Happy Shopping!




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