Finding Passion

With the new year off to a fast start (we’re already three weeks in!!!), I’m quickly getting some things marked off my to-do list. In the spirit of my “Simplification” post here, I’ve been keeping with my plan. All my flags and Christmas ornaments are deactivated in my shop and I’ve started listing my new planner cover art.

As an Artist, it’s difficult to decide in what direction you want to go. Or at least it has been for me. I’ve explored and ventured into different areas but other than the Christmas ornaments, it’s just not felt like it’s where I’m supposed to be. Have you ever been somewhere that just didn’t feel right? You may have have felt in danger or particularly unhappy but it just sincerely felt wrong. That was me. Looking back, it’s obvious that’s what was supposed to happen or else we would not be end up where we’re supposed to be ultimately.


In creating things, I would long to create things that were inspirational, that best conveyed our character and personality to others and that made others happy. Maybe I’ve found that with planner covers.


So many things in life hurt. They bring us down. We are bombarded with heartbreaking stories because that’s what gets attention and brings out the worst in people. This results in money for the source of such heartbreaking stories as every click and comment results in more view for advertising and such. And, the worse the comments are, the more people comment back and forth. It’s difficult to walk away…a vicious cycle. It’s my hope that my art is exactly the opposite of that.


It’s truly an exciting adventure I sort of came upon. It’s an area where I feel I truly belong. My love of planners has been a part of me for over two decades. I was a planner girl before being a planner girl was cool! 🙂


At the beginning of January, I started transitioning all the older items out of my shop and yesterday, I started listing a few of the planner covers I’ve created. I actually had 10 ready yesterday and I created another new one today. Not all are in the shop yet, but they soon will be.


There will be more soon, my friends. THANK YOU for sticking with me through the years. I’m positively beyond excited and so very passionate about these new projects. I hope it shows.




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