Planner Journal Cuteness

I’ve long had an obsession with planners.  My first one came to me as a gift at a very young age and it opened my world to endless possibilities. The years passing by have only increases the need for a planner in my life. Also, as technology advances and becomes so dominate, my heart and soul grabs hold of the planner that much tighter.  Though my closest family tends to poke fun (lovingly, I think lol) at my dedication to a planner and an organized life, it doesn’t sway me from it at all. It probably makes me dig in harder on it.

For Christmas this year, my best friend gave me The Happy Planner. I had seen it at Hobby Lobby a while back and mentioned to her excitedly that I so wanted it…but that I’d already bought a different one for 2016. Knowing how I really wanted it, she made sure I had it! It has been soooo much fun designing around inside of it and creating new accessories to use in it.

One of the accessories I created was a couple of deluxe style journal tags to use in my planner. Here’s one pair of them – Pink Glitter Hearts:



I have a couple others – the Diamonds – that feature some pink and mint diamonds on one and gold and cream diamonds on the other:


I have some other journal tags I’ll be sharing soon as well as some other goodies, so be sure to keep an eye out for my new creations. I’m so excited to begin this line of products that’s so near and dear to my heart.






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