The Cozy Loft

When I formed my little cottage industry over 8 years ago, I had dreams for it but nothing like the dreams it has allowed me to dream for it since. Life had taken some twists and turns for me and I’d started painting again after some tough years. People where I worked were requesting and buying different goods from me and people were really beginning to notice my work.


My first shop and blog banner, 2008

I needed to come up with a name for it, though. Something that would fit my business and have a feeling of warmth and cuteness, too.  It took a long time to come up with The Cozy Loft name. Using a thesaurus, I was on a mission. This was extremely important! I wrote page after page of words down then chose words I liked together, then checked online to see if anyone was using it. If so, I’d move on. If not, I’d check several additional sites including Facebook and Twitter to see if it was available there also. If not, then I’d move on. If so, then it would go down as a possibility.  The list of possibilities came to an abrupt halt when I put together thecozyloft. I was extremely excited to look into this name and even more so when I found no one was using it! One of the very basic business ideas is that you create your own brand. So, that was exactly what I wanted to do.

That’s how The Cozy Loft was born many years ago. I never dreamed that I would meet so many wonderful people through it and I never dreamed of how much it would grow…and I would grow. It’s eight years strong now so I’ll have to do something super special at 10 years, won’t I? 🙂

It’s truly been a gift from God and I’m thankful for it.





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