Love Is Your Name

Inspiration can find you when you’re not looking. While innocently opening Facebook, I realized I hadn’t temporary deactivated the FB Purity (an add-on I put on my Facebook profile to hide ads and the “trending” section) to show me the day’s birthdays. When I manually turn the Purity off, it shows trending again. There at the top was something about Steven Tyler. Now, let me explain why that caught my attention. I’m an 80s girl. High school in the 80s, first job in the 80s, started driving in the 80s, first boyfriend in the 80s, and 80s music is in my soul. Had my first drink to “Dude Looks Like a Lady” while an Aerosmith cassette tape (MY cassette tape) was playing on the stereo at a friend’s party. One of my favorite songs was “Angel”. Steven Tyler’s voice will forever spark something within me that makes me feel younger.

Taking it a little further. The 90s. The 90s were my wild years. At least a couple of them were. Aerosmith’s 9 Lives album. I loved (still love) it, too. The lyrics and melodies linger in my soul somehow, if that makes sense.  There’s just no voice like Steven Tyler’s voice.

Now that I’m (ahem) a little older, I’m happy to say I still listen to all kinds of music. I do listen to country music more than I used do, as I like that Southern country rock vibe and though I like many of the old country songs, I do like the more positive, upbeat stuff. Back to Facebook trending…Steven Tyler has a new country song. WHAT? Wait. WHAT? This both intrigued me yet gave me a sinking feeling at the same time. Could this be true? What would this sound like? I could not click on this fast enough. Here’s the video for it if you’d like to see/hear it for yourself: Love is Your Name

Typically, I have to listen to a song a few times before I know if I like it or not. This one, the trailing end and Tyler’s vocals…it was a sure thing. I loved it.

So, I said all that to say that my most recent creation is an ode to Steven Tyler. I did it in black and white as a nod to the logo for Aerosmith. Their logo is similar but with a circle rather than a heart. With this solo album, I wanted to change it a bit to reflect that fact. Then, of course, I had to mimic the scarves hanging down from the microphone with ribbons and other findings.


In working on this, I realized how free spirited Tyler is and has been.  And, this was definitely a fun piece to create! You can see it listed here

Talk to you again soon,



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