Freespirit Art


“She is Wild and Free” 6×6 original art available here

It’s only taken me 44 years to figure out what I am. Though people have told me this, and I *did* hear them, it somehow didn’t resonate until this morning. There’s so many things that bring us down. I get so bogged down hearing news stories and seeing pictures that are obviously there for “shock value”. I’ve unfollowed good friends on Facebook for this very reason. I still love them, but we either just have different views on how our day should go or I have a very different outlook on life. Either way, I’ve learned that it’s okay to do things that give me more value to my day.

I’m a freespirit.

This really meant something different to me before today. Though, I suppose in a typical artist stereotype, I’ve been brooding in dark and mysterious corners of my soul as of late. This is where I seem to go for a while and then I emerge even further along the path that is my life.

During this time, in part, I was reflecting on why I’m the way I am. I’m a Christian but I don’t fit the mold of what people seem to think a Christian is these days.I love people. Period. Many friends from all walks of life (this is more of a broad term than you can possibly imagine) have often commented that I’m the most nonjudgmental person they’ve ever known. I’m always taken aback by this comment because it’s not something I consciously do but something that’s natural. If someone is good and kind to me, then I am the same to them. It’s not my concern what’s going on in someone else’s life because I don’t know what path they are on and what wonderful things they can do in others’ lives because of this.

I have my own issues to deal with and to me, that’s why there’s a Bible. It is my guide to how to live my life. And, there’s so much love, joy and peace in the scriptures to me. I’m thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to know that I’m loved and forgiven. I’ve made poor choices in my past and will make more in the future, as I’m an imperfect human being.

Back to why I created this piece of art and my revelation that I’m a true freespirit. Last night, I was flipping through a magazine (Better Homes and Gardens, in particular the article about a chef with a Bohemian style) and immediately I was drawn to that purse and shoes on that page. As I looked into the style more, knowing I’d always been attracted to it, I came across some commentary on being a freespirit. Before this morning, I’d considered that to be something a Christian was not. But after giving it some deep thought, i realized that being a freespirit is what I am. First and foremost, I’m a Christian with a spirit that’s still wild and free living for God. In my life, I hope to bring good to others, no matter their walk in life. Whether it’s happiness, laughter, a smile, some hope, a sense of strength, or a simple light in what could be darkness otherwise.




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