Love Potion for All

There are overwhelming harsh and ugly things to see in this world. Life can and will knock us down – that’s inevitable. We need not stay there – and please believe me when I say this – many would love to see us remain there indefinitely. If my work can take and undo some of that stuff, help someone with a sort of encouragement or stimulate some sense of pleasure among the pain, that is what I want! If I can give you (virtually) a laugh, a smile, a hug with paint and canvas that’s come out of my head, my heart, my soul…then I would be happy with my life’s work.

With this next phase of my life seeming to take off in a human cannonball type of way, I’ve had to dig deep into my soul fast and furiously; unearthing my past to determine where I came from and peering up ahead to discover where to take all this. What I’ve come to realize, though, is that it’s less about me and more about you. Like conjuring up a visual art-filled love potion….a peaceful outbreak of uplifting affection…and the ultimate payoff being another’s happiness. Life’s full of moments and if my work can bring joy to a moment in someone else’s life why wouldn’t I do it?

With that being my mindset in designing a sort of signature encompassing myself as an artist, I have a version ready to post. My goal was that it be simply, happily from the heart with love:



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