Strawberries & Lettuce in Containers

I started to get out a notebook and write down what I’m doing and thought no way, I’m going to blog it instead!

In my new place, I haven’t done much to the outside yet since as soon I moved in, it turned very cold. For this growing season, I definitely want a few things but I really need to do containers this year just until I get everything else ready for future years of vegetable garden plot(s), fruit trees and bushes, and nut trees! So, let’s start with the strawberry growing…

I used a 12 inch coconut nest hanging basket and some Miracle-Gro garden soil plus 10 everbearing strawberry Quinault plants (roots). For the plants, I put 8 around all the sides, cutting/tearing holes for which the plants could come out and grow. Then, I filled the nest with the soil to cover each root system at least 2 inches. For the final 2 I put in the center top portion on either side and covered them with 2 inches of the soil. I took a watering can (mine is a 1/2 gallon can) and filled it with water then added 1/2 teaspoon of Expert Gardener Plant Food (water soluble). I probably used about 1/2 of the container of water on it. Then I put it on a shepherd’s hook and now we wait.


Just as a note to myself, the directions say to apply the plant food every 2 weeks so I’ll apply that again around April 12th.

in the picture above, the two smaller containers on the ground are the Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce I planted today as well. I used the rest of the plant food water mixture in those as well as the garden soil. There are several sides in each container which I’ll thin when they start coming up.  This winter, i want to overwinter them so I need to remember to plan for that as well.

I’m ready for fresh lettuce and strawberries now! Alas, I must be patient. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes.


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