Honey Oak to Java – It Really Works!

The main bathroom is a bit confusing to me in my new house. While it would be the one guests would go to, it is also the one that seems to be the master bathroom as it has a large whirlpool tub in it. I’d rather there be a nice normal tub/shower combo in here but I’m trying to work with what I have. This room is full of brass and that will be changed but first, I want to change up the cabinetry. Here’s a look at the builder grade Honey Oak cabinets when I bought the house:


I found a “fix” for transforming them into a dark espresso type cabinet, which I thought would look really good in here. Let me tell you, it’s a little scary to consider doing this to your cabinetry for the first time. I’d read enough successful stories on it that I decided to jump in head first and do it! I used the General Finishes Java gel stain since I’d heard that is the only kind that truly works. The first coat had me wondering if this would ever work, even though I’d read that everyone else felt the same when they saw that first coat, too! Here’s the horror pictures:




But, the second coats of stain really made me breathe more steadily again:



And the finished cabinetry after the third coat, touch-ups and the polyurethane coats:


The hardware and hinges were all brass and I did paint all of those a nice nickel color. The faucets, door knob and light fixtures in here will be nickel later, too, but those photos will come later as those things aren’t done as of yet. BUT, here’s how the finished cabinetry looks with the painted hardware:



Again, please ignore the walls, faucets and carpet. I am SO LOVING the transformation and am very glad I did it! You never know until you try! ๐Ÿ™‚




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