Living Room Renovated!

My new living room is ready! The carpet, pad and old foam pad that was glued down to the hardwood was removed, the wall heater was removed, the wallpaper and  was removed, the front door was replaced (more on that later), the walls/trim were painted, the floors were sanded, stained  and sealed, AND a new ceiling fixture was installed where there had never been one in the past.

Remember the living room before?


The new ceiling fan (walls were still unpainted here):


This is how the floor looked after the carpet, pad and glued pad (old foam carpet?) was removed:


Because of the stains, I needed to use a darker tone to help blend everything so I used a dark walnut on there even though I really would have liked a lighter stain. You can see the stains in this photo better and also how the color looked;


And a full view photo when I had all the stain on. I did put it on with a cloth…I should have listened to my Daddy and wore knee pads by the way!! But the good thing about doing it the way I did was that I able to control the stain and blending in with the stains on the floor…it worked!


But it’s just so much darker than I wanted it to be. Thankfully though, I know a true MAGICIAN when it comes to floors!  I’m fortunate to have a friend who is a floor finishing expert. Mrs. Doris Richardson is THE BEST at what she does! Mrs. Doris took one look at them and knew what to do. She mixed another stain with it, did some treatments on it of some sort (that’s where the magic happened??) and the end result was a richer yet somehow lighter tone….and it’s gorgeous!


Can you see those beautiful tones? Mrs. Doris sure did a GREAT job! If you are in this area, please contact me if you find yourself in the need of her services and I’m happy to give you her number. She definitely does NOT disappoint!!!!

I’m so happy with how this room has turned out!! I painted the walls Antique White and the trim Gloss Bright White. I’m excited about it being ready and am happy to show you all the end results (the wall heater sheet rock was in process here but everything else was complete) :


How exciting!!! It’s changed SO much!




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