Master Bedroom – Check!

Bet y’all were beginning to think I was only going to show you the demo of my house, didn’t you? Well I kind of had a deal with my oldest nephew that I wouldn’t post any “after” pictures until he’d seen it. And, he wanted me to be near finished before he looked at it. He had seen the “before” in person and last night, he saw the “current”. He couldn’t believe it! BUT what that means is that now I can post pictures. 🙂  Bear in mind, there is no furniture in the house yet but you’ll see the (mostly) finished room.

This post is going to be the Master Bedroom. Here’s the before of the ceiling and ceiling fan:



I didn’t take a photo of the before and after of the closet but this during photo can tell you the change of the older yellow paint to the clean white paint:


Check out the after photo of the ceiling and ceiling fan…I painted the brass portions of the ceiling fan black.


For the Master Bedroom walls, I wanted a darker tone. Being self-employed, I sometimes find myself up very late working. We artist types have to follow the creativity whenever it strikes! I used a pre-mixed color of Glidden paint called Warm Caramel and am really happy with how it turned out. It’s very striking against the white gloss trim paint I used, too. Here’s an after:


I’ll have more photos later on that don’t have my step stool spotlighted but it gives you an idea of what’s happened in here. The old wall heater in here is gone and the carpet has been cleaned. I changed the door knobs from brass to silver (not done yet when this photo was taken). The only things I won’t be doing right now that I’ve planned to do is remove the mirrored closet doors with the brass trim and paint the brass a different color and replace the old door with a new interior door. My shop will be getting very busy soon so I’m running out of time! 🙂




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