Bathroom/Laundry Room

This house has a bathroom and laundry room in one. I believed this room was a conversion at some point in the past because bathrooms this size and just a laundry area at all is very rare. There are a few other clues too, such as the walls are some sort of plastic and will move if you push it with a finger in spots. I’ll remind you of what the bathroom looked like the day I bought the house:

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 55959 PM.bmp

I started trying to remove the wallpaper and realized it wasn’t coming off. This room was trouble – I just knew it. And, it was…and still is LOL!!

With the walls down, there’s an old tongue and groove wide plank surface underneath. It looks like this room was perhaps a storage area located at the back of the carport. Maybe for garden tools and such? I’m just not sure. But I’m thankful to have the laundry area as well as the second bathroom. Initially, I thought this was a Master Bath since it was attached to a bedroom but alas that bedroom is a bit smaller than the other.

Here’s how it’s looking:




Sooooo I really don’t like the tile in here but I like the grout color (white) even less. Over time, it has gotten sort of a pinkish haze to sections of the grout which was once white. Also, it wasn’t laid under the vanity as you can see in the last picture. For now, I’m going to keep the tile and vanity, though. I think I can work with both since the sink is in such good condition and, really, the tiles are also. Wow – the flooring under the vanity is definitely a 50s floor, isn’t it? 🙂




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