Shed Needs and Potential

I love the outdoor space at my new house. There are trees – including a pecan tree, beautiful flowering shrubs, evergreen foliage and much more. The shed out back is an open carport type unit with a small enclosed shed directly behind it:


There’s a satellite dish attached to the front and I’ll leave that for now since I’m unsure of which satellite/cable provider I’ll use as of yet. This area does have some structural issues. The door needs some attention as it’s a special size (40 inches wide) and the bottom corner of it is separating. More concerning, though, is a broken floor joist inside the enclosed area, no way to roll a mower inside for storage, and there’s leaking at the gable:




The enclosed storage part will be perfect for a mower, gas, outside tools, outdoor chemicals, and other similar storage. The open area will be a perfect place to set up an outdoor work space for painting/staining some of my things for my business. I love the open airy feel to it and it’s much better for any type of fumes from paint or other chemicals, too. It just needs to be repaired before the damages become worse.

More to come soon!




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