Bathroom/Laundry Room

This room. Wow. I fear it’s going to be trouble. There’s something odd about it. Like it was a room that wasn’t originally starting out as the room it is today. The room was wallpapered but the walls were wavy and one of them moved/rippled when touched

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 55959 PM.bmp

The wallpaper would not come off of whatever the panels of this wall were. So this will be a job for my contractor. I want these walls gone and sheet rock up in their place as well as remodel the cabinet. The cabinet just seems crudely built and especially around the water heater. See what I mean?

IMG_6967 IMG_6968 IMG_6969

The water heater placement has the drain behind the lip of the base of the closet, which means that when there’s a problem eventually, that it can’t be drained by attaching a water hose to it. I’d rather deal with it now while all the construction and destruction is happening. In here, I want to have nice walls, paint the vanity, replace the shower door, update the shower head and knobs, replace the toilet, remodel the closet/water heater area, remove the brass, and just do lots of updating in here. Hopefully there’s nothing too scary under these walls…. 🙂




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