Bedroom #2

This is the second of two bedrooms in my new house. It actually had plain walls with no wallpaper so it’s a welcome site, too! There appeared to have been a border of some sort running through the middle of the walls at about chair rail level as there was a sticky residue on there. A downy and water mixture took care of that and it’s ready for painting.




In this room, I want to get rid of the brass, paint the walls, ceiling and trim and consider getting rid of the wall heater. This is the last room with a wall heater, too! The carpet in this room is in excellent shape and the best carpet in the house. The closet has updated wire shelving/rods/baskets/shoe rack, too so it’s a room I ended up deciding to use as the Master Bedroom even though it doesn’t have an attached bathroom. However, it does have a bathroom directly next to it so it all works out!




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