Bathroom Wallpaper Removal

This bathroom has got to be the most weight loss inspiring room I’ve ever seen! With mirrors surrounding the jetted tub, plus over the sink, you can definitely see yourself well! It also had wallpaper and border:

770 N Broad Street Lexington, TN 38351 For Sale - REMAX - Google Chrome 852014 60009 PM.bmp


The paper and border was super easy to remove…possibly because it’s on paneling that was installed backwards so the wallpaper (because it was thin) adhered well and didn’t have the grooves from the paneling in it. This leaves me unsure what to do in here though. The mirrors appear to be installed with some sort of adhesive (maybe liquid nails or something similar for mirrors), so if I try to remove them, I’m most certain to damage or destroy them. Originally, I didn’t want them in there but the more I’ve been in the house working, the more I like them. However, what will I do with the walls in here…..

Here’s how it looks with the wallpaper gone:



In here, I plan on doing something with all that brass, painting the ceiling, doing something with the oak cabinetry and figuring out the walls. I love the tile floor in here and it’s in excellent shape, as are the tub and vanity/sink the best I can tell. But those walls. Hmmmmm. Oh well. At least the wallpaper is gone which will give me some time to mull it over as I work my way back to this room eventually. I could drywall it but then I lose the mirrors. No simple solution here, but I’ll move on for now to the next room. 🙂




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