Kitchen & Dining Room Surprises

In case you’re wondering, no…all these big changes aren’t happening as quickly as I’m posting them. These were actually completed starting about a month ago but I’m playing catch-up now on my blog.

The Dining Room and Kitchen wallpaper removal turned into something much different. I had noticed the backs of the cabinets had a knotty pine paneling in them. Turns out, to my surprise, was a thin paneling beneath the wallpaper. And then under that was a knotty pine paneling. I had decided to pull off the thin paneling and attempt to either restore the knotty pine paneling OR sand and paint the paneling if it wasn’t savable.

This is what it looked like before I touched it:

IMG_6942 IMG_3533

Behind the wallpaper and thin paneling:


Good-bye wallpaper and thin layer of paneling!


And under the cabinets, I haven’t decided what type of backsplash I want yet but the paneling won’t have to come off here, as the countertop is put in on top of it. BUT I did get the wallpaper off there:


So now all the wallpaper is gone…even in the pantry:



My thoughts in here are that I need to paint the ceiling/trim, repair the broken tiles, paint the pantry, caulk around the window and countertop, try to revive the beauty of the knotty pine cabinets and see what I can do with the walls. I’m concerned that a wall heater hole was back there and I have no paneling that would match but even more, I’m concerned that there are many gouges in the wood from adhesive removal and paneling splinters from the thin paneling where the glue held on. It’s going to be many hours of scraping. Plus the baseboard was put on BEFORE the tile work was done which means the baseboard splintered in half (rigidly) and will have to be chiseled down to floor level. The tiles and cement backerboard were installed perfectly but the baseboard removal has caused about 6 tiles to break plus one in the middle of the threshold is broken as well.

Hmmmm ok well on to the next room for now I think. I’m getting them down to what I know I want gone and then going from there. Perhaps I should just work in one room until it’s completely ready (my sanity would appreciate this stroke of genius thought) but when I get a contractor out there, I need to know what needs to be done that I can’t do…so that’s the reason for my process. Oh and to get moved in as soon as possible. 🙂

Special thanks to my Daddy who helped me work on the wall removal, too!!! ❤




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