Living Room Wallpaper Removal

My new house had wallpaper in every room, except two. The living room contained two different borders as well as 3 half walls of paper and a full long wall of paper. This is the 3rd home I’ve personally lived in where I had lots of wallpaper to remove. My recommendation for wallpaper removal is pull the wallpaper top layer off (if possible) . Get a spray bottle, one cap of Downy (no other brand works as well) and fill the remainder of the bottle with warm water. Replace the nozzle. Shake. And, now you’re ready to SOAK the wallpaper by spraying it until saturated. Let it work for a few minutes (this varies depending upon glue, prep work the person who put the paper up did to the walls, quality of paper, etc.) and use a scraper to start getting down to business. It’s a slow, grueling, tiresome process but when doing this, the Downy makes your home smell so clean and fresh! Bear in mind, this is my preferred method because it works for me. While I’d prefer not to use any kind of chemical, I simply cannot get any other “green” methods to work. I’d like to say I’m open to suggestions but I hope to never EVER have to remove wallpaper again! LOL! Three houses = more than enough in one lifetime! 🙂

The living room, before:




I’m trying to decide whether or not to keep that wall heater intact as an emergency backup heat source. I really don’t like it and feel it dates the house but my exhaustion is nearing it’s extreme threshold soooooo it may have to stay for now and dealt with in the future. I’d love to eventually have a fireplace there in that corner, so that’d actually be a perfect time.

Also, originally I’d planned to remove the vertical blinds but I’ve read they are perfect for people with animals. Since I have a beautiful cat I adore, I’ve decided to keep them for her. While I don’t think they are very pretty, the function won out. She’ll love looking out those at night and I’ll love that they fall back into place!

The carpet isn’t in great shape so it, as well as the two carpet pads, will come up, as there’s hardwood under there that I want to see better. Maybe it’s usable?

But for now, back to the wallpaper and the removal of all that….

Here’s how the living room looked during the process:


and after…



So thankful this large room is finished with the wallpaper removal. There are lots of things to do in here still…I’d love to had a ceiling light or fan here with a switch by the door. There’s no ceiling fixture at all now. The floors have to be explored. The walls, ceiling and trim needs painting. Old wall holes need filling. I want to replace the old brass outlet and switch covers with ivory ones…and I want to replace the front door. I don’t want much, do I?? 🙂




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