The Bride-to-Be Who Thinks I Can Do Anything

There’s a sweet Bride-to-be who found me very early in her wedding planning process…at the very beginning. She’s a beautiful girl with a beautiful fiance and a super sweet personality. 

After our first meeting and transaction where she made a purchase from me, she contacted me about the possibilities of some custom orders. Most of these things she sent preliminary photos of, I’d never created before. With me, though, I’m eager to create new things and push my boundaries and knowledge on creations!! So, I welcomed it. I’ve created so many new things I’ve never done during the course of our relationship and I thought I’d share a few of the recent creations with y’all! 

These are mason jars painted on the outside…so the inside can be used as a holder for straws…it could also be a vase to hold water as well. I listed these cuties in my shop here.


One of the most unusual requests she has had so far is mason jar shot glasses! I’d never seen them before and didn’t know they existed! Here they are in my shop and a photo for you to see:


And one more of her items to show y’all for now. These are chair decorations for the Bride and Groom …these are full of glitter though I’ve yet to figure out how to properly photograph that so that it shows the sparkly beauty!! Talk about Pretty-in-Pink! I have these in my shop here and here’s a photo for you to see:


There are more creations still to show and more creations to still be created! She’s wonderful to work with as she’s planning everything a good while in advance which gives me time to research, trial and error things and ultimately be able to create something I’m not only proud of but that I can stand behind. I love that she has so much faith in me to create so many important things for her beautiful and special Wedding Day! 🙂 🙂 🙂 






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