Following the Leader

2014 has found me wanting  needing to be more organized. So at the end of each day, I quickly tidy up and get things organized so I can start tomorrow off with a fresh and ready mind. It seems to be working nicely. Each day I wake up with more excitement and readiness so I suppose this is working! 🙂 

Another 2014 goal is dealing with my procrastinating. I tend to do that more than I ever realized. Not on really important things, just on the mundane things that would in essence give me more time for the important things. That is working nicely so far too in that I’m keeping up with my bookkeeping as I go. All receipts are entered and….yes….filed! My mind and life feel so uncluttered!

With an uncluttered mind, it has been freed up to do some deep, spiritual things. I find I pray more, learn more, give more. A few nights ago, I’d finished my daily Bible reading and was thinking about faith. Some words popped into my head and the more I recited them over and over to myself, the more I felt the world needed to hear them too. So I posted them on my personal Facebook account. Lo and behold, it’s been one of my most popular posts ever. But, I didn’t stop there. I created an ACEO card with my own personal quote and paintings…somewhat a collage of sorts. Here’s how it turned out: 


I listed it in my sister shop “The Cozy Log Home” here – I’m so very happy with how it turned out and I feel blessed even more every time I see it! 🙂 



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