Getting Healthy…Water

My goodness things have been busy. I had told myself once I got my art and creations up and going at a decent pace, I was going to add something new in–and something especially new to me these days–getting myself healthy!

It actually came quite by accident. I was on Pinterest and happened to catch a post for the most optimum and important times to drink water…actually let me get that and post it here for y’all, too! (You can click here to see the original post where the Pinterest photo originated.)
So I’m really, really bad about not drinking the water I should have daily. I’m seriously going to do better. It’s been on my mind a whole lot and I have some sitting in front of me right now. It used to make me feel kinda nauseated when I’d drink it but slowly, I’ve gotten more tolerable of it. It’s so important to have that water – in every single aspect of our bodies!
Please feel free to join me in this if you’d like! If you’re already doing it, then I’m super happy for you!! That is absolutely AWESOME!! You’re already doing wonderful things for your skin, your brain, your digestion, your circulation, your muscles and your kidneys…and you’re way ahead of me!! WAY TO GO!!!!! 🙂  

On a side note: I realize my posts are random…but that’s my life. And it’s everything but normal. My blog, if it’s being honest which is everything I try to be, reflects that without a doubt!