Mason Jar Wedding Art

Mason jars, burlap, rustic barnwood, personalization…I think I have it all covered in one sweet little package!

Burlap is featured front and center in this delightful mason jar painting. I painted the jar and in the center I painted the letter “J”. My thoughts behind this one were that it’d be a great addition to the wedding cake table at the wedding and then a great piece of home decor to be enjoyed for years to come.

Here’s how it turned out:



I have them in my shop here though I’m a little concerned about the shipping cost being so high. It weighs over 2 pounds by itself so by the time I add a box and packaging materials for its protection…it’s gonna by kinda pricey. Though, I dearly love love love the look and can’t imagine using some cheap frame of a lesser character than this. It feels perfect in this frame. 🙂

xoxoxoxo and HELLO WEEKEND!!!



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